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Monday, November 5, 2007

Enough is Enough in New York Times- WAOD Mentioned

WAOD was mentioned in a NY Times article on the Enough is Enough Campaign's protests outside of the home of BET and Viacom's CEOs. Read the entire NY Times article . I talked about a lot with the reporter, but some kind of which way I ended up sounding like I agree with Debra Lee and y'all know that the Devil is somewhere ice skating in Hell. I also mentioned the podcast that Rev. Coates was on and the criticism from that podcast got mentioned. When I read the article I grimaced and said "Oh Hell!" I was like of all the stuff I said, that is what got in:

She [that would be me]said she had heard from people who didn’t like the idea of marchers outside Ms. Lee’s home. But Enough Is Enough, she said, has tapped a hip-hop generation’s rage about negative media images. “I’m just glad people are mobilizing,” SOURCE
I answered the questions I was asked honestly, and what I said is the truth, at some point folks are going to have to sit down at a table and tell each other what they want. I wasn't misquoted and i don't think my sentiments were mischaracterized. So yes, you are going to have to "articulate" what you want in specific terms. That wasn't a criticism, just a statement of fact( or opinion depending on who you are). During the course of the interview in response to a question, I mentioned that some people didn't like the fact that people were outside of Debra Lee's home because she is a woman. I also talked abotu the Black Elite Establishment Aligning to attack this group of working class Black folks because the BEE believes that working class Black folks are here to make them rich and they are more concerned about protecting the status quo.

But YES, I did say that at some point folks are going to have to come to the table. It might be three years from now, but at some point folks are going to have to articulate what they want in more specific terms. I have previously stated this. I also mentioned that I don't know how it is going to be possible for the two sides to sit down after all of the attacks BET has launched at Pastor Coates, including the "it's a punk move" comment coming from BET's President while the CEO, Debra Lee sat beside him. But again, there is all kinds of back channel communications going on with this thing.

There is a lot I don't know, but one thing I do know is that I don't know everything. My way isn't the only way. What I think folks need to do, they might not need to do and again there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes that we don't know. I want their demands to be more specific because one of the charges they are trying to lay on Enough is Enough is that they want to program BET or censor the channel. They might not know what their end game is, I highly doubt that however. They'll reveal it in their own time. Not when I want them to, not when BET or Viacom wants them to, but when the Universe tells them that it is time. Viacom is still delusion or it thinks we are delusional because it doesn't think there is any problem at all:
A statement from Viacom said in part the company was “concerned about negative portrayals of African-Americans in the media” and takes a “positive pro-active approach” with programming that respects freedom of expression and serves an audience with diverse interests. SOURCE
I guess they aren't watching VH1's Trilogy of Tawdriness Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Charm School.

It is always interesting to see which portion of your conversation they decide to go with. If I knew that what i said would be juxtaposed as agreeing with Debra Lee, I would have said "no comment." Hmmm let me go buy the Devil a heater because Hell surely has frozen over.

Again, I am just glad folks are engaging in the battle, who knows what will come out of this.