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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dangerous Black Women: The 2008 Resolutions post

by Shecodes, a WAOD contributor

There is a little more than a week left in year 2007, so if you haven't started thinking about your resolutions, it's definitely time to start!

Last week, I took down my dog-eared ‘2007 resolutions’ paper from last year (I keep it taped to my bathroom mirror). It was a sobering review. It wasn’t that I didn’t keep the resolutions – I finished most of them. The real problem was the nature of the list itself.

My list was comprised exclusively of outward goals – find a new apt, lose 10 lbs, etc. However, it did not include any goals to improve my character – and I now realize that who I am becoming is more important than anything that I accomplish.

Therefore, a few adjustments need to be made internally for Shecodes in 2008. While I made a lot of new friends this year, I also acknowledge that I allowed my anger to unnecessarily hurt the feelings of a couple of people online – and I apologize for that, if you were one of those (few!) people.

Self reflection is a necessary part of growth – and this year I realized something about myself...

On the outside, I’m usually cool, calm, and collected, but underneath it all, I am incredibly angry.

And it’s not that generalized, ‘see a shrink’ kind of anger, either. I know exactly what I’m mad about.

I'm angry about the constant barrage of bad news about black women!! I’m angry that the #1 killer for black women my age is HIV... a completely preventable disease. I’m pissed that there are scores of lonely, desperate black women in church. It ticks me off that hypertension is killing black women off in droves, because many sisters are turning to food for comfort (because comfort sho’ nuff isn’t coming from anywhere else).

I’m angry that some white men think it’s cute to make the term ‘black woman’ synonymous with ‘bitch’, ‘ho’, ‘trick’, and ‘gold-digger’. I am positively apoplectic with rage that some black men collude with them to make it so. The list goes on, but you can fill in the rest.

But I am letting the anger go. Because so far, my anger hasn’t accomplished a darn thing.

So on this day of December 23, 2007, I have resolved to change from being an Angry Black Woman, to becoming a Dangerous Black Woman. I will commit my intelligence, finances, time and energy to making a positive difference for Black women in 2008. I solemnly vow to become a danger to to the reputations of, the livelihoods of, and to the political positions of anyone who stands in the way of Black female progress.

America needs more Dangerous Black Women. We need women of conviction who will not just shake their fist at injustice, but will mobilize, organize, and collaborate with others change our standing in the USA.

So if you are a potentially Dangerous Black Woman, I cordially invite you to participate in our new sister blog, entitled Black Women Vote! for further discussion.

Ok, enough ‘roaring Lioness’ talk.

Jennifer Hudson's 'I am Changing' is my theme song for the year 2008. Shecodes is definitely Changing, y’all.

How about you? Let’s take a breather from venting and become women of vision for a moment. What would you like to see happen in 2008 in your life? What changes will you make to accomplish them? Consider this the “2008 Resolutions” blog post!

by Shecodes, a WAOD contributor