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Saturday, December 22, 2007

What Would PETA Do?- Michael Vick Holiday Snow Globe

PETA is off the chain. I love that they are uncompromising in their defense of animals. They are crazy, yet effective. So this holiday season, PETA has placed various celebrities committing crimes against the animal kingdom in their Holiday Snow Globe.

Pick a celebrity to put inside PETA's Holiday Snow Globe for a holiday adventure! Give the globe a shake, and then send the e-card to your friends! PETA
They aren't just picking on Michael Vick either. Your celebrity options are
  • Cold Blooded Colonel Sanders
  • Hairy Kate and Trashley, the Olsen Twins
  • Pelt Pusher Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue
  • Fur Hag Kate Moss
  • Dog Fighter Michael Vick
  • Hunter Dick Chaney

Disturbing, yet hysterical. Especially Anna Wintour:
Inside the virtual globe, fearsome opera plays as Anna drifts through a fiery netherworld inhabited by workers in Karl Lagerfeld glasses whose job, it seems, is to skin shrieking animals and toss their carcasses into a massive pile for "pelt pusher" Anna's future coats. It's creepy, of course, but it's still kind of fun to shake the globe and watch "Anna" bounce around in the snow. Until you realize that, whenever she falls, her neck bends at a disturbing angle. New York Magazine
I wonder if they have gotten a gander of Patti Labelle and Mary J Blidge?

My mantra for 2008 may very well be "What would PETA do?" If they are willing to go THERE on behalf of animals, shouldn't we be willing to at least go halfway there. When was the last time someone appealed to PETA for UNITY?

UPDATE: Thanks to WAOD Reader Tami from the blog What Tami Said, for a link to the documentary "I Am Animal" I definitely need to check it out.

I actually think that PETA's communications methods are ineffective if their goal is to get people to be sympathetic to animal rights. They definitely know how to get attention and that's one part of the battle for an activist group. The problem is their tactics often turn people off to their message...Gina, MDC--If either of you want to study PETA in action, there was a documentary that aired on HBO about a month ago called "I Am An Animal." It told the story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA. It was generally positive and looked at the origins of the group and some of their campaigns. It did show that some other animal rights activists, including (If I recall) one of the co-founders of PETA, worry that the organization's antics may be overshadowing what they are trying to say.

Hahaha Tami, Whew Tami! I just read the resources page over at HBO.com and WOW! Just WOW. You should especially read the Personal Reflections of some of their targets. Lots of food for thought going forward. Especially the final two paragraphs of this statement from one of the founders.