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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Featured Activism of the Day: SuperSistas

For all of you who are tired of other people controlling our images, you might want to check out SuperSistas. We last highlighted SuperSistas.com when they were having a film competition to promote positive images of African American women. I looked at the site back then in its infant stages, but I didn't quite get it. Now I do.

This site gives you credit for sharing links to videos you find on YouTube and elsewhere on the web. Viewers rate videos to put the best music, knowledge and stories on top and "call out" the worst news and "artists" who insult, degrade and betray us.SOURCE

Since our original post, the folks over there have been extremely busy.

You can basically sit down for hours and watch nothing but positive and entertaining images of Black women and it's not all a bunch of PSAs either. There is a comedy category, music, knowlege, beauty, and personal stories from men and women about African American women.

We are resourceful aren't we?

Gone are the days of wading through millions of video clips in search for material about black women, now you can have it all in one place. Their video catalogue is growing exponentially.

The way it works is that viewers submit video about Black women that they have found somewhere else and then you categorize and then people vote whether it is good or bad for black women and the ranking of the video determines how prominent the video is on the site, but also determines whether the video will end up falling into " worst" category. The "worst" category features either A) bad news about Black women or B)A piece of negative propaganda about Black women that someone has found on the web that needs to be confronted such as this gem many of us have already seen:

Original Content

Make sure you check out their original content as well. You will find their original content under the "Supersistas! " tab You won't see material like this about Black women in mainstream media. Their original content is aimed at teaching Black women to defend themselves against violence and insults it is definitely something different. I can see where they are going with and I admire it.

Black women:strong, empowered and proud engaging in their own self defense. Living breathing Black women as superheroes. Good luck finding that somewhere else. I need to go sign up for a class or something.

Here is what they say their purpose is:

Our music and culture will survive by separating truth from lies, good from bad, love from abuse and food from poison. Now is the time to choose quality for ourselves and stop begging media executives to save us.

Join us...
-Reject assaults and insults on Black women
-Support artists who bring men and women together
-Share your favorite videos about sistas at their best
-Promote fresh alternatives to the played-out images of us

We alone must control our images.

I agree. What you basically have is a broadband television channel all about Black women. There is good and there is bad, but viewers are forced to separate the two. If you find a video about Black women on the internet you should send it to Supersistas. If you are a creative person that has been producing videos about Black women, it appears to be a great distribution channel.