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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why Aren't Black Women Using What They've Got to Get What They Want: Leaving Rocks on the Ground

I was reading about young disability advocates using the electoral process to press to advance their cause:

But what is different is that this new generation of the disabled has experienced, and expects, accommodation and accessibility as a matter of course — and it has stepped up its organizing efforts, particularly within the Democratic Party, to make sure those rights are protected and even expanded. SOURCE
Imagine that, using the electoral process to get concessions out of politicians that you can cash in once they are elected. Imagine that, pressing your issues within the party to gain influence and advanced the issues that are specifically of interest to you. During the election year, politicians are doing the asking. Once they get elected the roles are reversed.

So I've been pointing out that this election cycle, where Black women apparently are going to play a pivotal role, it would be a good time to press politicians on issues of interest to us. Your issue might not be violence against women and children. Maybe it is breast cancer and diabetes. Whatever.

So I posted a computer generated response a certain candidate's office issued after a WAOD reader emailed him about Dunbar Village. I actually would have rather the candidate's office claimed to have never gotten the email. What was the response from those who decided to comment? Well, people said "oh well it is better than nothing" or came up with some excuse for why it is okay for them to ignore Black women and children. Not just on the issue of crime and violence, but on EVERY ISSUE. I don't care what candidates did five years ago. My question is what are they doing today and what do they plan to do in the future.

Some people are scared to be empowered and proud and think that they are being too demanding to come out and ask for what they want. Black woman have ridiculous amounts of power. We are a huge voting block, lead the majority of the households and control the majority of the wealth. So explain to me how we end up being the most ignored?

We may be taking on Goliath, but the Universe has given us a sling shot and some rocks. We just keep leaving the rocks lying on the ground.