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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

God to Mr. Juanita Bynum: Surely You Jest! - The Bynum- Weeks Officially Have No Shame!

December 17, 2007, Pearly Gates, HEAVEN - The saints in Heaven are scrambling to figure out how to cure God Almighty of a bout of uncontrollable laughter. The Lord first started laughing out loud when God saw the new title of Mr. Juanita Bynum's, aka. Bishop Thomas Week's latest literary offering.

"When God saw the title of the book, God fell out laughing." said Michael Angel a resident of Heaven. "The last time we saw the Lord laugh like this was when a certain BET executive said a certain show was 'so doggone good!'"

The Bishop originally titled his book "What Love Taught Me," but as a result of a public backlash and possibly a couple of letters from his estranged wife's legal team, Bishop Weeks "recalled" the book and said that he was not going to be releasing the book for years! Now only one week later he has a new title -"What Love Has Taught Me ONLY!". Week's appears to have scrawled the word "only" on his original book jacket with a blue magic marker or Crayola crayon.

The Lord's giggles seemed to be receding until the Lord spied the title of an upcoming conference that the Bishop, a man charged with choking kicking and stomping his wife into the ground, plans to hold on Valentine's day. Seems Bishop Weeks has decided to throw a conference called "Renaissance for Domestic Wholeness." One can only assume that this is intended to counteract his estranged wife's bid to become the "new face of domestic violence."

Listen to the latest from the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Bishop Weeks says the details of the original book are so damning that it would end Juanita Bynum's ministry FOREVER!
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Here is what I propose, I say we start a campaign in January 2008, to raise money to purchase a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. Why? So we can exile Mr. And Mrs. Juanita Bynum-Weeks.

Hat Tip to Content Black Woman who has a exhaustive encyclopedia chronicle of the Bynum- Weeks foolishness. They are truly the Black Britney and Kfed. Thank the Lord they did not have children... can YOU imagine???