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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hypocrisy Watch: Rev. Sharpton, -Megan Williams Case May Be In Jeopardy

On December 19, 2007, Rev. Al Sharpton said the following:

"If the federal government can intervene to protect dogs from Michael Vick in Virginia then they can do something to protect Megan Williams in West Virginia," SOURCE
Hmmm? On August 6, 2007 Rev. Al said the following:
The recent media spotlight on dog-fighting reminds us of society's callous disregard for the suffering of animals and disrespect for sentient beings...Every animal has the right to live without fear and pain. It is our job to do whatever we can to ensure this basic right for all animals, and we intend to do just that! Let's give law enforcement and animal welfare professionals, who are on the front lines of battling violence and cruelty in every form, our active support in their quest to elevate our society..Hurting animals for human pleasure or gain is despicable. Cruelty is just plain wrong. "Maybe Black Women Should Be Pitt Bulls in Our Next Lifetime"

Does PETA know about this latest statement? Now I have been saying for MONTHS that it is ridiculous that so many Black leaders tripped over themselves A) defending a multimillionaire criminal and B)speaking out on behalf of dogs while ignoring the plight of Black women who are victims of horrific acts of torture. In fact, I think I have used the Michael Vick story to contrast Rev. Al's silence on a number of occasions so this quote just jumped out at me. The man is a genius. If you can't beat an argument or your critics, coopt it. I just hope that AP reporter never discovers GOOGLE.

Prepare Yourselves

Hmmm. Y'all know I keep up with the Megan Williams case, but I try not to post on the lunacy everyday because it's sad to watch. Now those of youwho have been anywhere near a courthouse have probably been going out of your minds considering the possibility that in their quest to get the hate crimes designation, they might jeopardize the entire case at this point. You have the DA saying PUBLICLY that HE can't tell that thi is a hate crime. Tell me how he can look a jury in the eye at this point and say they should find the defendants guilty beyond a reasonable doubt when the prosecutor has said publicly HE has doubts. LAUGHABLE. Even if this was a hate crime, I think it qualifies, how in the heck could you get a conviction?

Now typically in a high profile case with an abundance of media attention, it is the defense team crying about the affect of the publicity on the potential jury and petitioning for a change of venue. Have you noticed how quiet the defense team in this case has been? They are in ALT!

He[Prosecutor in the Megan Williams case] thinks the prior relationship will make a difference with a Logan County jury, and that he is better off not dealing with racial motivations, and instead concentrate on the kidnapping and first-degree assault charges. SOURCE

“There was a great deal of sympathy for her in Logan County and from Logan residents. But after that [Nov. 3] rally, I heard comments in the public by people in Logan County and Charleston. It almost seemed to be a shift in sympathy or a lessening of sympathy because of the way the rally took place,’’ Megan Williams Prosecutor
Read between the lines people! I think he knows it is a hate (bias) crime too. What he is saying is he can't get a conviction for a hate crime out of Logan County so he' going for what he thinks is the surest bet which carries the longer sentence. Does anyone know if they added the hate crimes charges which would carry 10 years whether they would run consecutively or concurrently?

“I hope that this case is tried in Kanawha County. I’m not comfortable with it being tried in Logan County at all. I prefer it be tried in Charleston. I think the defendants have too much sympathy in Logan County,” Shabazz said.
Sorry attorney Shabazz, I don't think that is the way it works. All of the constitutional protections in the constitution are aimed at protecting the criminals from the state, not the other way around. Maybe you skipped that day in class. The criminal justice system is based on giving the criminal EVERY benefit not the victims. Once you get a conviction, then the victim comes into play. Find me a judge that is going to say "I hereby grant this change of venue to increase the possibility that the defendant will be convicted!"

This was a doozy of a case and everyday, this circus has to give the defense hope. A) The potential jury pool is getting ticked off, B) the prosecutor has basically said publicly that HE can't determine if this is a hate crime( tell me how a jury is supposed to believe him when he asks them to find beyond a reasonable doubt that this constituted a hate crime when even he has stated publicly he has doubts!) and C)The prosecution's star witness has retold her story in public on multiple occasions and has received money gifts and trips which I am certain a defense attorney is going to want to ask her about - TRY 6 defense attorneys. Because you realize now that all 6 may take the case to trial. All each has to do is point the finger at the other 5. I hope I am wrong. Seriously, I hope I am wrong. Anybody saying "It ain't possible for them to walk!" Clearly didn't grow up in the south. Yes, it is possible and it becomes more and more possible as additional rings are added to this circus. They don't have to beat all the charges, just the most severe of them.

Now NONE of these things SHOULD affect Megan Williams being able to obtain justice, but we are dealing with human beings, the margin for error is HUGE. As I have told people over and over again- "The law and common sense have nothing to do with each other."

Men Beahving BAAAAADLY

In addition, the sniping between the MEN in this case is an embarrassment and a sign that the Civil Rights Industrial Complex has truly lost its ever loving mind. Sharpton is calling local preachers cowards and telling folks they aren't worthy to be pastors in their churches....

"Any public official or preacher who can't put the pain of his people above the politics of leaders is not fit to be a politician or a preacher," Sharpton said. Associated Press

UM where exactly is Rev. Sharpton's congregation located? I forget. Somebody help me find it on a map. I'm geographically challenged. Where exactly is NOWHERE?

Thank God This Crew Didn't Show Up in West Palm Beach!

There is an old saying "You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." Y'all remember how I have been throwing a fit because these folks have been ignoring some pretty horrific Black on Black crimes? Can y'all imagine if these folks ever made it down to West Palm Beach Florida? *Shutters*

The Universe has been working on me for a minute. On more than one occasion, watching this circus-like atmosphere that has developed in West Virginia, I've said "Thank God, these people stayed far far away from West Palm Beach." From outward signs, the Dunbar Village prosecution is rolling along, although locals are upset that the first plea deal only garnered 20 years. The family has been protected. The prosecutors seem to know what they are doing (knock on wood).

On the other hand, there are STILL hundreds of women and children living in unsafe and inhumane living conditions. Black women and girls are still being attacked in south Florida. Rev. Al isn't flying down on his private jet to hold a rally for them and we all ought to give thanks. Instead a group of WAOD readers and bloggers are headed down to Dunbar Village in January to help residents help themselves. A truly impressive group of young Black women and men. Some you've heard of, others you have not. We'll have more details after the holidays.