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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The REAL Obama Girls -Aren't They Precious? - Obama's Daughters in Holiday Greeting

Y'all remember Obama Girl and that "I Got a Crush on Obama" Foolishness? It was an attack ad. I don't care what anybody says. Well Check out the real Obama girls.

I love seeing seemingly well-adjusted children. Just cute. Precious. They almost make me want to vote for him just to see them playing on the White House lawn and greeting foreign dignitaries. I said ALMOST. Might I also add that Michelle has never looked better. Check out that hand on knee action.

I know folks have been obsessed with whether or not Mike Huckabee has a floating cross in his campaign Christmas commercial so we missed this one from the Obamas. Well at least the Obama girls didn't hang a stray dog from a tree while they were at camp the way Mike Huckabee's son did when he was 17.

Let's just hope the National Enquirer doesn't dig up a love child scandal the way they just did with John Edwards. I hope this is a lie, but the National Enquirer has been duking it out with Edwards over this one for months. They aren't letting this one go.

Other Campaign Christmas Videos ( I don't want y'all whining and demanding equal time)

John Edwards ( boring and policy filled. Didn't make me feel festive at all- The Christmas Grinch!)
Hillary Clinton (very "secular" and Hillary-centered)
Mike Huckabee ( I liked it. It was kind of mellow. Yeah there is a floating cross/bookcase in the background. So what?)
Ron Paul ( Very frenetic pace. I got dizzy and confused)
Rudy Guiliani (Um, I know there is a running joke there, but I thought it was corny- no wonder he's tanking in the polls.- He doesn't reek of hearth and home)