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Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Protest Against Pedophiles" Planned for R. Kelly Concert.

2007 shall be known as the year Black folks called out other Black folks publicly and the community lived to tell about it. Folks are planning to get down right indignant, as we all should be, when R. Kelly performs in concert at a church in Los Angeles, CA on Friday. Okay well technically, the church owns The Forum where the concert is taking place

The Forum -- located in Inglewood, CA -- former home of the Los Angeles Lakers, is owned by Faithful Central Church, pastored by Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer. Eurweb

Isn't Rev. Ulmer the same preacher from that dreadful piece of anti single Black woman propaganda "Soulmates"?

How can the church allow R. Kelly to perform on Friday night, have service on Sunday morning and believe all is well?" Ali continues. "The message the church is sending to young children is that money is more important than taking a stand in support of victims who have been victimized by R. Kelly and other child molesters." SOURCE

I think the protesters have a point. What would Jesus do?

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