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Monday, January 7, 2008

Al Sharpton Finally Makes it to Dunbar Village- Says He plans to Spend the Night

Al Sharpton finally made it to Dunbar Village. He plans to spend the night there. Watch the video. You know I'll have more, but this needs to marinate. The woman in red is Ms. Greenwood who was on last week's podcast.

Update: Okay, I have spoken with the WAOD readers who have been helping Ms. Greenwood organize in Dunbar Village. Ms. Greenwood had been sending communications to the NAN for a minute and just last week, Shecodes was working with Ms. Greenwood and sent yet, another letter. Basically Rev. Al had a speaking engagement nearby and when Ms. Greenwood heard that Sharpton was going to be in the area, she called WAOD reader BlkSeaGoat, who she'd been in regular contact with since he organized that counter demonstration in DC last year, and asked him if he thought she should try to contact Rev. Sharpton's people AGAIN. he of course said "Heck Yeah!" She did it all herself.

Ms. Greenwood took the initiative, yet again, to contact Rev. Sharpton and the media and It was amazing to see them walking arm in arm with Laurel Robinson, the recalcitrant Housing Authority Executive Director scurrying in their path. BlkseaGoat said a NAN representative will attend the townhall meeting on the 16th and that The Good Reverend will be attending another one at some later point ( we'll hold him to it)

We'll have more later, but I thought those of you who have been keeping up with Dunbar Village and the immoral indifference would like to know what is going on.