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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Britney Spears: How Much Is Too Much? I don't know, but I know that I've had enough

So I broke away from my Saturday leisure and discovered that there was a post on What About Our Daughters? about Britney Spears. Sweet Lord. Now I didn't send out a memo about this and folks are not mind readers so how were folks to know that I have made an editorial decision not to talk about that tragedy taking place in Hollywood. Not because I don't care, but because by participating in the debate on this blog, I believe I am participating in a suicide of a mentally unstable woman and I refuse to be a part of it. I am demonstrating my compassion by not being part of the mob.

Professor Tracey said...

After skipping numerous channels focusing on her latest extremely public breakdown and patiently watching a segment about her on Keith Olbermann, I was thoroughly disgusted. How much is too much?

How much is too much? Well we've already past that point haven't we? The MSM ought to be embarrassed, but they are not. They will not be satisfied until Britney Spears is consumed. I can't control them, but I can control this blog and on this blog about Black women and girls(most of the time), we will NOT be talking about BRITNEY SPEARS!

Yes, Britney Spears is sick. Yes, She is crying out for attention. Yes,she is surrounded by a bunch of sycophants and leeches. Yes, she has been used and abused To the extent that her current condition is caused by a mental illness or other physiological imbalance, I feel horrible for her and am demonstrating my compassion for her by not dissecting her apparent intention to destroy herself in front of our very eyes. Unless you are a doctor or a physiologist with the power to have her committed, our talking about her isn't going to do one thing to help Britney Spears. I too find the news coverage disgusting. But guess what? There are MILLIONS of blogs covering the Britney Spears SAGA. This won't be one of them.

Any time Britney Spears wants to she can move out of Hollywood to IDAHO , ALASKA or back to LOUISIANA. Hell, she can move to Sacramento. The cameras will follow, but they will soon grow disinterested with her and move on. Any time someone in that business conglomerate passing as her family, (Mama Lynn the Pimp, Jamie Lynn, and the MIA Daddy) gets the guts to petition the court to have her committed and then proceeds to move her out of LA against her will if necessary, THEY CAN! About the only person that appears to be imposing any type of boundaries on a woman who so desperately needs and wants them is her ex-husband's attorney. Any time the editorial decision makers in this country wake up and realize that they are participating in, as opposed to covering, a very public suicide/homicide, THEY CAN refuse to cover it. They do news blackouts all the time.

So as bad as this situation is, there are a number of things within everyone's control to change it. You can get on the horn and start calling your local affiliates saying you don't want their station to be a part of the foolishness. You can start calling advertisers of the cable news stations telling them you don't think it is appropriate that they participate in the mass viewing of the destruction of a family and the endangerment of very young children. Anytime folks want to change this current situation, THEY CAN.

Let's talk about the folks who are in situations they cannot change.

Let's talk about Kamya Weathersby . She's six years old. She's dead. She was shot SEVEN TIMES in her HOME! THE DAY. AFTER. CHRISTMAS! Happy Holidays!

Let's talk about a 17-month old little Black boy in Apopka,FL

[The] toddler was hospitalized after his mother's boyfriend allegedly abused him, causing severe burns and a spine fracture, police said.The 17-month-old boy had second-degree burns on his genitals, back, chest and head after Darlanne Toussaint, 24, used a blow dryer to burn him until the skin started to peel off.

Before Darlanne Toussaint, burned the little Black baby with the blow dryer, he punched the baby and poured hot grease on the baby.

Let's talk about a Black woman in Roseville, Michigan woman she was sexually assaulted, tortured and beaten by four people inside of her apartment over a two-day period. She has severe burns all over her face and body because her attackers poured bleach all over her.

Lets talk about another Black woman in Michigan, her boyfriend poured rubbing alcohol on her...and then set her on fire!

Let's talk about all of the Black women and children whose stories are piled up in my inbox and I have to pass on covering them to prevent this blog from turning into a crime blotter (this is just a sample from the past 72 hours). There are lots of things I care about that I don't cover on this blog and with so many story ideas from WAOD readers that I have passed on, if a discussion about Britney Spears needs to take place, it won't be taking place here. That doesn't indicate a lack of compassion, but the presence of purpose.