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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christine Beatty, WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Recipient, Resigns-- Toni Morrison Endorses Obama

Last week we gave Christine Beatty, the Chief of Staff to perpetually scandal-plagued Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, the Wagging Finger of Shame Award. Ms. Beatty shared the award with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Not because they both lied under oath, but because they chronicled their affair in embarrassing detail in 14,000 txt msgs on city-issued Blackberries.

Some people said "why is this news?". It is news because the arrogance and decision-making these two engaged in while carrying out the affair and again while covering it up led to the City of Detroit, already in a financial pinch, to hand out 9 MILLION Dollars to two wrongfully terminated police officers. What the verdict meant was that even without knowing about these 14,000 text messages, the jury didn't believe Ms. Beatty or the Mayor of Detroit. The jury thought they were both liars, and it turns out they were right.

This is also a WAOD story because of all of the Black women who are now in the spotlight as a result of the textual healing going on. And now, the cast of characters in ....


Christine Beatty, the Gifted Paramour and Protector
Ms. Beatty, despite her utter complete stupidity in the world of personal relationships is a very bright woman who has run successful, successive election campaigns for Kilpatrick. If you knew what a mess Kwame was, you would recognize how gifted this woman is as a political strategist. I give her some credit for having the self awareness to do what Kwame will not do, resign. Or maybe she is just resigning to help out her love. Who cares. Once again, she did the smartest thing she could do. I'd hire her. I just wouldn't let her have a Blackberry..or email...or pen and paper...or anything with which she could memorialize her thoughts or ideas.

Carlita Kilpatrick, the Devoted and Betrayed Spouse
Carlita Kilpatrick, the mayor's wife is certainly at the center of this mess. Right now she appears to be behaving in character. She's come out and done a kiss for the cameras and appears to be standing by her man, but how will she react to reports that just last week, Kwame was cuddled up in an Asheville, NC resort getting couples massages and eating chocolate covered strawberries with someone other than Carlita.

Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, the Doting Mother and Chief Enabler

Carolyn Cheeks Kilptrick, Kwame's everloving and enabling mother. Mothers are supposed to love their children unconditionally so I understand Kwame's mama repeatedly coming to her baby's rescue. But her Baby invoked her name, his aunt, his wife and all the other "strong women in his life" while lying on the witness stand abut whether he was having relations with Ms. Beatty. Mama Kilpatrick, he used you to cover his dirt. Check out Mama Kilpatrick defending her baby. Hysterical!!!! IF YOU NEVER CLICK ANOTHER LINK ON THIS BLOG, YOU MUST WATCH THE FOOTAGE OF MAMA KILPATRICK!

Mother's are supposed to love their male children, but Mama Kilpatrick needs to take lil' Kwame to the woodshed. Not for being a tramp and a trollop and causing untold anguish to her grand babies, not for dishonoring the family name, not for being arrogant with the use of money, goods and services he has access to as the Mayor of Detroit, but she need to pull out a green switch for documenting his utter complete stupidity. Mama Kilpatrick, you child is gifted, but he is indeed spoiled and your constantly enabling isn't helping.

Kim Worthy, the Prosecutor
Kym Worthy, many of you have heard of Kym from back in the days when she was an ADA. She went on to be a judge and now she is the Wayne County Prosecutor. She is investigating whether Beatty and Kilpatrick committed perjury among other things. Kwame called her days before the story broke (out of the blue- they are not close) and said he promised to be neutral in her upcoming race for reelection. I don't know if he was trying to pacify her in anticipation of any investigation or not, but in her appearance on Friday, I think she took just the right tone. She's in charge. There will be an investigation. She will be making the call. She won't be influences by "anyone or anything." Um Kwame, I think she was talking to you. Look out.

Toni Morrison Endorses Obama
On another note, Toni Morrison endorsed Barack Obama in one of the most eloquent endorsements I have ever read. I ain't an Obama stan, but she put forth a good articulation for why some folks might be. A better explanation than the Obama acolytes who routinely visit this blog with vague ramblings and accusations. She ain't Toni Morrison for nothing. I am still mad she started this "Bill Clinton is a Black man" foolishness.