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Monday, January 14, 2008

Dear Obama Stans...HIllary is Doing This ON PURPOSE

I tried to break this down to Shecodes in emails since the Obama stans have driven all discussion about campaign strategy from the blog with their "Y'all just a bunch of race traitorin' Black wimmin." talk just because we question some of his campaign decisions and criticized his silence on crimes against Black women and girls, but I thought I would share this with the rest of my readers despite the high risk of additional Obama stan incursions.

Now I have already told y'all about the lunacy of "racial transcendentalism"- which quite frankly I find insulting. My race is not some impediment to leap over or obstacle to be avoided or held at arms length.

Anty-way, Black bloggers and Obama stans have been in a tizzy chronicling every single utterance by a Clinton supporter or Billary themselves that may have racial overtones.(Jack and Jill Politics: Here's another one for the ' Isolated Incidents' File)

I have read a dozen posts or more by Black bloggers about "A Pattern Developing". Even if there is a pattern, your focusing on the Clinton's racial slights is doing more damage to Obama than Billary.

How Gina? Well folks, the whole point of Obama's ability to "transcend" (ie., "leap over", "avoid", "ignore") race is that White Obama supporters get a "get our of racial tension free" card. You see to many of them, Obama represented not having to deal with irritating charges of racism. Those of you trying to establish a pattern, if you have to establish a pattern, that means the racism isn't glaring and quite frankly, the object of the discrimination or prejudice is far more likely to detect the offense than those who are not the object.

The easiest example is my recent interaction (ie, cyber brawls) with Black male bloggers who are incapable of seeing their own sexism when you hold it up to their faces... White folks just don't pick up "the pattern." At least not the White people who are on the fringes of Obama's support. The more he whines about race, the more he looks like the dreaded Jesse Jackson or my favorite pompadoured preacher... Rev. AL Sharpton. The more y'all beat the drumbeat trying to make Hillary Clinton into George Wallace, the more you shave off votes from Obama.

Watch. Y'all might rile up Black SC voters, but at what cost? I still think he can pound the crap out of Bob Johnson on a number of grounds- not the least of which is that Bob Johnson had a reputation for paying his workers slave wages.

Commence caterwauling!