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Monday, January 14, 2008

60 Minutes: "The War Against Black Women"-

Man I have been screaming up and down about this for months so it is glad MSM is covering it. There were a number of cases last summer and fall, including Dunbar Village, here in this country where Black women and girls in this country were raped as a form of retribution. The weaponization of rape rips the fabric of civil society into pieces THAT is why people like HILLARY CLINTON and BARACK OBAMA ought to be talking about Dunbar Village because this is more than a crime against individuals, this was a crime against all of humanity. THAT is one of the reason why the silence on Dunbar Village OUGHT TO SCARE THE HELL OT OF YOU! Isolated cases is how it starts.

60 Minutes did a story about the war in the Congo and the weaponization of rape.
"I think what's different in Congo is the scale and the systematic nature of it, indeed, as well, the brutality. This is not rape because soldiers have got bored and have nothing to do. It is a way to ensure that communities accept the power and authority of that particular armed group. This is about showing terror. This is about using it as a weapon of war," she explains. 60 Minutes
For those of you who have followed the Dunbar Village story, does this sound familiar?
She was convinced they'd kill her, just as soldiers had murdered her parents the year before. Instead, they turned to her brother. "They wanted him to rape me but he refused, and told them, 'I cannot do such a thing. I cannot rape my sister.' So they took out their knives and stabbed him to death in front of me," she recalls. 60 Minutes
Think it couldn't happen here? Yeah right, just like we never thought that you would see and entire city turned into refugees as a natural disaster forced thousands from their homes. It is already happening here.

"In the beginning I was asking myself the same question. This is a show of force, of power, it's done to destroy the person," Dr. Mukwege says. "Sex is being used to commit evil. People flee. They become refugees. They can't get help, they become malnourished and it's disease which finishes them off." 60 Minutes.

Seriously. Harbinger. Of. Things. To. Come.... Does THIS sound familiar to anybody?
Strength is something that few women in Congo lack. They bear the burdens, farm the fields, and hold the families together, yet nothing it seems is being done to protect them.

Did you hear that Mr. Tom Joyner Giving Genarlow Wilson a scholarship while the two Black girls he victimized got thrown under the bus by the Black community? Nothing is being done to protect them.

You can help the come of the Congo by going to Women for Women.

Read our coverage about how horrific crimes against African American women and children in THIS COUNTRY indicate that our community is sliding down a path that will have our community looking A LOT like the Democratic Republic of Congo in a few generations.

We Are 1.5 Steps Away from Rwanda

Many of the comments were amazing articulations of many of the concerns I have about the African American community's response OR LACK OF RESPONSE to the Dunbar Village horror. If we don't speak out on this, who will be left to speak out once they come for us? WAOD October 25, 2007.
8 Stages of Genocide: Sisters Which Stage Are We On?
SO when I say Defund the War on Black Women, I ain't joking. This isn't funny at all. Don't let other people convince you that the systematic dehumanization of Black women in popular is no big deal. Don't let them convince you that there are more important things to worry about when we have major African American publications referring to Black women who are the victims of horrific crimes as "hookers." What is more important than the survival of future generations of Black women and girls? And yes, there are some fates worse than death. WAOD August 26, 2007
I have nothing else to say about this today.

Don't forget to call McDonalds, Nissan, and the Pentagon. Dehumanizing Black women and girls has consequences. Their funding foolishness is NOT OKAY!