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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Detroit to Kwame.."Why Can't We Quit You"--- Why Carlita Stays...

Kwame is still a mess and Carlita just looks medicated or something. Watching this I felt extremely uncomfortable and bad for her. I have spoken with others that say she chose this life. I don't care about Kwame, but if we can put aside out sanctimony, I wonder for real why some women make the decisions that they do about their relationships with men.

Something deeper than == Low self esteem or stupidity. We've seen lots of cases on this blog about women introducing men into their lives who go on to abuse and kill their children. So putting aside out Kwame rage for a moment. Why stay? Why hold his hand? Why share in his public burden?

Um Carlita it ain't between the three of yall if he used his position as mayor and city resources to cover up his scandalous ways.

Are there some things worth preserving? Just wondering. No judgement. Is it something more than selfish and neediness? What of Christine Beatty? Why settle for a piece of a man? Share some wisdom people!