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Friday, February 1, 2008

I May Have Caught a Case of Obama Stan-icitis: Did Y'all See that DebateLast Night.? Don't Worry Hillary Fans, the Obama Acolytes Will Cure Me Of It!

WHY? Because of this opening statement.... Watch!

Y'all know we aren't enamored with Senator Barack Obama. Mainly for his comments on Genarlow Wilson and his silence about Dunbar Village after his office said he was going to release a statement. I know he knows about Dunbar Village because I confronted a member of his national finance committee on the radio, I've stood outside Obama fund raisers holding a sign and handing out Dunbar Village Flyers, BlkSeagoat hs spoken directly with some of his high ranking staffers, and much much more so It bothers me that he will speak out on behalf of Black criminal defendants (Jean 6 and Genarlow Wilson), but silent about this horrific crime against humanity--- not on another continent, but right here in this country.
That being said, I thought his debate performance was impressive. Jesse Jackson is right (GASP) Politics is about choices. It is about options. We're down to four ( yeas green party and libertarian party stans I know you are out there too).

Anyway, I thought his debate performance was good. and look, he pulled out the chair for Hillary.

Don't worry Hilary fans. I promise you that I will be cured of any Obama Stan-icitis by this afternoon. How? The quickest way to cure a budding case of Obama Stan-icitis is to encounter a true blue Obama Stan. Second only to Ron Paul supporters, they have to be some of the most insufferable readers ever and have been a burr in this blog's backside ever since I merely asked the question "Michelle Obama Wants Black Women to Vote For Her Husband: Why the Heck Should We" Then all hell broke loose on this blog for about a week. These folks have made African Americans enjoying discussing one of the most exciting political campaigns EVER miserable. But Hillary fans have lost their minds too (read "NOW Head Described Treatment Of Clinton A "Gang Bang"), but they haven't been irritating without end. Watch. And know that even as I say they annoy me to no end, they will post lengthy comments ANYWAY.... Why? Well because they have Obama Stan-icitis. Persuasion or increasing his support beyond THEM is unimportant. Their most important objective is to tar and feather anyone who isn't also an Obama stan.

People vote for who you want to. Just make sure you vote.