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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dunbar Village Townhall Meeting Rescheduled to February - Thank You Rev. Sharpton

The Dunbar Village meeting scheduled for the I just found this out this afternoon and called to cancel my flight. I wanted to let y'all know because I know of at least one other person from the blog who was planning to attend.

Tanisha from Essential Presence has been working with the resident organizing the event, Ms. Greenwood, and she explains why the meeting has been postponed:

As of now it has been rescheduled for Feb. 5. [date pending] Citoya Greenwood is
working with Al Sharpton's representative in South Florida to get the
attention of Alcee Hastings, Mayor Frankel and Gov. Crist who have all
tried to weasel our or just plain ignore Dunbar Village. You now know
what I know.

I believe that this is a good development. After beating them about the head for MONTHS, Rev. Sharpton's organization appears to be fully engaged with the grassroots organizers in Dunbar Village. For updates and information on how you can assist the grassroots organizers, you can go to the Dunbar Vilage blog.

Thanks to Rev. Sharpton

I would like to take this time to thank Rev. Al Sharpton for being the first and ONLY person on the list of the League of the Immorally Indifferent to speak out about Dunbar Village. For months we have hammered away at Rev. Sharpton for his silence about this incident.

When I saw Ms. Greenwood walking arm and arm with Rev. Sharpton as toured Dunbar Village, I was overjoyed. Not because she was walking hand in hand with Rev. Sharpton, but because Laurel Robinson(the Caucasian woman in the leopard print top and the asymmetrical hair cut), the executive director of the WPB Housing authority who had ignored and dismissed Ms. Greenwood and the other resident's concerns and had a less than impressive concern about security and crime, was now scurrying in Ms. Greenwood's path. I was excited because Ms. Greenwood saw an opportunity and she took the initiative and had the boldness to contact his organization when she learned he was coming to a nearby location. I can't imagine how empowered she must have felt after taking that leap of faith.

Now some may have a problem with Rev. Sharpton's involvement. I welcome it. All we asked was for the Rev. to speak out about Dunbar Village and he has gone beyond that. He plans to spend the night, and his organization is now working with Ms Greenwood to get representatives from her congressman, Alcee Hasting's office to attend as well as representatives from the Governor's office in addition to the local officials and HUD representatives that had already agreed to appear.

Why is attention important? Because public SHAME appears to be the only way to motivate the local politicians to provide equal protection to the poor Black residents of West Palm Beach, Florida and if Rev. Sharpton brings a spotlight which causes the Housing Authority, City Commissioners, or the Mayor of WPB and Governor of Florida to scurry, so be it. For those worried about Rev. Sharpton bringing chaos and confusion to Dunbar Village, you clearly have not heard Ms. Greenwood speak. She is an extremely intelligent driven woman who has exhibited tremendous courage at great personal risk to herself and her child.

So again, thank you Rev. Sharpton for becoming engaged. I encourage you to continue to focus on the issue of violence against Black women and their children. Violence is a form of tyranny which robs Black folks of the rights and liberties you say you are fighting for.

For those who questioned our methods and relentlessness, there was little doubt in my mind that eventually those on the list would have to confront their silence on Dunbar Village. Not because I am arrogant, but because their silence was morally indefensible.

Blkseagoat and Symphony continue to speak on a regular basis with Ms Greenwood and Shecodes and Fallon have provided axillary support assisting her with letters and whatnot. We'll keep an eye on the situation to make sure that the promises of assistance that have been made are kept. If some foolishness pops off, you will hear it here FIRST!