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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vote For Obama....Just Cause I Said So

Professor Tracey, WAOD Contributor

On last night's Black Women's Roundtable podcast, a black male caller strongly stated that any African American that did not vote for Barack Obama was "lost." He further proceeded to take any black woman to task that dared to expect anything from Barack Obama.

Now, this same gentleman could not offer one solid tangible political, social, or economic-based reason why black women should vote for Barack Obama other than the fact that Obama was the first black man with a real "chance" to win the presidency. His stance was basically that you don't need to know anything, because Obama had done all the "heavy lifting" by defeating "mighty whitey" in Iowa, so all we needed to do was shut up and vote for the brotha!

Now, I'm not against Obama as a presidential candidate, but I am against being told to vote for him with the singular reason of "cause I said so." In fact, I can't recall taking "cause I said so" as an answer since I was a little girl and I had occasion to lose my mind and as my mother "why?" about some random thing or another. And since my childhood, I have not met anyone that had the power to make me understand what happened to Lot's wife with a single look like my mom, so "cause I said so" ain't gonna fly with me from some ordinary joe.

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