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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

News Roundup-Clinton Obama Call for Truce- Bob Johnson STILL Thinks Black Folks and Everbody Else is STUPID!

Mainstream Media Continues to Focus on Black Women Voters

As I predicted last year, Black women voters will get all the credit or blame for whatever happens in South Carolina... we ought to be used to that. Once again, the racist media apparently believes the only place you can talk to black people about politics is in a beauty shop. This is just lazy reporting. Don't Black people walk on the sidewalk or go to the mall in South Carolina? Are the only places you can find them is the barber shop or beauty shop. Whoever came up with this "barbaer shop-beauty shop" vote should be [something really horrible-let me think about that] They actually interviewed 50 Black women throughout "rural" South Carolina :

Ms. Ramsey, 59, is supporting Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. She likes him, she said, but she is also tired of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and her husband, Bill Clinton, the former president.“Hillary and Bill, we’ve done that,” Ms. Ramsey said. New York Times NY TIMES
Ms. Ramsey is a hoot:

“The tighter the race, a slip of the tongue, they’ll apologize, ‘Oh, we didn’t mean to say it,’ ” Ms. Ramsey said. “One thing, they’re saying Obama smoked the herb. Well, Clinton did, too.

I should have her on the podcast! Some of the Black women down there weren't feeling Hillary's tears as a certain Black male blogger opined that they would:

Those who said they were undecided rendered a fairly harsh judgment on Mrs. Clinton for the moment in New Hampshire when her eyes briefly went moist and her voice cracked.
“If Hillary is going to be president, she’s got to toughen up,” said Beverly Patrick, 49, the owner of Patrick’s salon in Loris. She shook her head as she buzz-cut the silver dome of Mae Helen Johnson, 70, a home-health nurse.
“You can’t get up there and cry,” Ms. Johnson said....
“She had this breakdown, and if she’s going to break down, you don’t need this burden on you” of being president, Ms. Aiken said. She added that she was surprised by Mrs. Clinton’s quick pivot from tearing up to attacking Mr. Obama. “I don’t know what got her pepped up so quick,” Ms. Aiken said. But she was skeptical about it. NYTIMES

I didn't think about how Hillary's tears would play with a Black women who grew up in the segregated south. Yeah they had a lot more to cry about that losing an election.

Be Black or Be a Woman

As if there is a choice. Here is an interesting piece over at the blog, feministing called "Be Black or be a Woman"

Maybe it is my independent spirit, but I am both. Its not like you can melt me down and separate them out. Although, since I have been blogging, I view sexism as the same scourge as racism. I used to just think men were chauvinist pigs, but seeing the crimes against Black womanhood make sexism appear just as sinister. Its not merely an inconvenience. It can and is killing Black women. But that doesn't mean White feminists are any less racist than their male counterparts either.

Hillary and Barack Call a Truce

Oh what a bunch of wusses. Hillary and Bill finally figured out that they ain't actually our "brotha'" and "sista'"... just play cousins. I blame all you people who have been telling them that they were Black, they upped and believed y'all and went all crazy tap dancing on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Even my belligerent self thinks twice before I mention MLK.

Well Hillary received a less than welcoming response when she spoke in New York, her own backyard before a crowd of African American Union workers at an MLK celebration that she up and invited herself to at the last minute like a good uninvited guest would.

Then Obama had to go be all statesman like and whatnot and call a truce. Good news is that in the realm of international affairs a willingness to do something other than go to war might be useful. For a political junkie who was enjoying the melodrama...not so much:
“Bill and Hillary Clinton have historically and consistently been on the right side of the civil rights movement,” Obama said. Politico

Well you can say a lot about Obama, but the man and his campaign are disciplined. While Hillary's surrogates can't seem to keep their feet out of their mouths. Did you know Bill and Hillary vacation at Bob Johnson's estate in the Caribbean? Uh huh. Oh. Yes. They. Do. A vote for Hilary is a vote for bob Johnson snuggling up in the Lincoln Bedroom...

Folks, just in case... What are our Republican alternatives?

The CRIC Gets Hammered in the WAPO

Oh you have got to read this jab at the Civil Rights Industrial Complex, he lays it all out.
Taken as a conglomerate, Jackson, Young, Sharpton and Georgia Rep. John Lewis represent a sort of civil rights old boy network -- a black boy network -- that has parlayed its dated activist credentials into cash and jobs. Jackson, a two-time presidential candidate, has become a CNN host; Young was mayor of Atlanta and sits on numerous corporate boards; and Lewis is essentially representative-for-life of the 5th Congressional District in Georgia. Sharpton is younger than the others but a peer in spirit....

As polls show increasing black support for Obama, Jackson, Sharpton and Young begin to look like a once-wealthy family that has lost its fortune but has to keep spending to maintain appearances. Obama's tepid early showing among blacks in the polls had more to do with name recognition and concerns about his viability as a candidate than with Jackson or Sharpton withholding their endorsement. WAPO
Right. Right. I'm loving it.

Economy Tanking

Oh yeah and by the way, the next POTUS is going to inherit a very crappy economy, this is the first of many. Start hiding some spare cash under you mattress.