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Monday, January 14, 2008

Video of Protest Outside BET disHonors

You wouldn't know it by the coverage int he paper version of the Washington Post, but it wasn't all kicks and giggles at the taping of the BET Honors this weekend. WHile Cornell West, Maxine Waters, Alicia Keyes, Tyra Banks and Bill Parsons were acting as human shields for Debbie "Evil Leeville" Lee, Pastor Coates and hundreds of folks were gathered outside to make their displeasure. Y'all know I believe trying to communicate to BET is futile as you cannot appeal to the corporate conscience of an organization that doesn't have one. However, his words at the end of this video clip are powerful.

You can leave a comment about the protest and Black Exploitation Television by going to the Washington Post blog. Also do take a moment to send a note to the reporter who wrote the story that appeared in the print version of the paper to let her know you are hip to her pro BET bias. You would have though two people were protesting outside the show to hear her tell it. Her celebrity obsession is clear from the article. The reporter's name is Neely Tucker you can email her by using this form. Tell Neely Gina sent ya'!

You can also look at photos from the disHonors show. Watch as the Black Elite Establishment coo and aaah over each other. I so know what the Ze' common French people must have felt right before the revolution.