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Friday, January 4, 2008

WAOD Podcast Makes History: Dunbar Village Resident Speaks- Obama Wins

Well Moi was having writer's block in 2008, when I said I didn't want to let 2007 go, I MEANT IT! But this blog is about Black women and girls in popular culture and come on now, no matter who you're voting for in the election, you gotta smile that instead of OMAROSA, the most widely seen images of a Black woman last night was of Michelle Obama and the weeMichelles. Now if we could just schedule a primary to land on the same day as all of the episodes of "I Love New York"

If you haven't listened to a WAOD podcast before, you need to listen to this one. First we had an interview with a resident of Dunbar Village, a subject we have been covering jumping and screaming up and down about for LIFETIMES five months. I am not being my typical melodramatic hyperbolic self when I say that the story of Dunbar Village changed my life and the lives of many WAOD readers so there was something remarkable about speaking directly with one of the residents. I was going to try to describe the feeling, but *gasp* words elude me ( I know. I know. A first.). We talked to Ms. Greenwood for the first hour of the WAOD Podcast last night. Follow the work of WAOD readers and contributors who are working directly with the residents of Dunbar Village you can go to the Dunbar Village Blog.

Pontificate 2008:Podcast Hits Stride

When I say that when I got off of the WAOD Podcast last night I was in alt. This blog has been my FURY for the past eight months, but the podcast has always been my BLISS. The podcast is my reward in a sense for grinding it out here everyday ( we had almost 500 posts in 8 months in 2007). I've had shows in the past where I've been happy with the result, but last night was the realization of a dream for me. Last night was why I started the podcast in the first place.

For the first time in my lifetime, we didn't have to get analysis through CNN's lens. We didn't get analysis and commentary through MSNBC's lens. We didn't get from FOX NEWS or ....B. E. T.
Black women gave their own analysis and it was a blast! I was in the zone and so were WAOD contributors Symphony, Professor Tracey, and Shecodes and I think that was Tami chiming in as well. I need to get them under contract because WE ROCKED! We even had a brave contrarian Black man ( a podcast regular) come up in the lioness' den and he lived to tell the story! We love him though!

Now granted we had some rough edges, but man potential was dancing up and down last night screaming "Um Gina, Precious, Darlin' , Sugar Biscuit...you are on to something here."
I mean it was everything I dreamed and MORE. I had folks in the chatroom giving me live updates. I had the roundtable participants asking and answering each other's questions. We set a record last night for live listeners and callers. I combined two of my favorite things politics and talking! LISTEN TO IT!

THE CRIC ( Civil Rights Industrial Complex) is SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS!

Hmm I wonder who Al Sharpton is going to back NOW??? Unlike Jesse, who came out for Obama WAY BACK WHEN, Al Sharpton has been crowing about being able to influence the SC primary one way or another by waiting until the last minute to endorse him. HOGWASH! Rev. Al, your moment has past. I don't care how many Black preachers get "incentives", the CRIC's grip on the Black electorate is about to be A) broken or B)revealed to have no impact whatsoever.

We have watched them act a PLUM NATURAL FOOL this go round and I say with confidence that whoever wins the Democratic nomination, their influence is PUBLICLY diminishing ( I don't care how many WAPO articles say otherwise). So who will pick up the baton that they threw on the ground??? How will they bring the CRAZY as SC looms and Black women voters who are the majority of Black voters in a state where they make up a HUGE chunk of the Democratic base may very well decide who will be the next President of the United States.

If you did not listen to the podcast last night, you must because it was quite frankly SUBLIME and I may very well do a podcast on the night of every, single primary or caucus. So lets go ahead and say we are doing a Roundtable on February 5th, Super Tuesday.

The podcast was fun. I might just have a future as a radio show host... we all might!

What Other Bloggers Are Doing and Saying

Concrete Loop has added a new political contributor and ... HE's GOOD. And Y'all know Moi does not throw out compliments willy neely. He explained the Iowa Caucuses to CL readers then he followed it up with a post explaining the difference between caucuses and primaries. Let me go ahead and declare that Concrete Loop is about to become the Ebony Magazine of our time and

Bossip calls Hillary Clinton a "hoe" and tells her to sit down.

UPDATE: A WAOD reader took exception that I would link to Bossip calling Hillary Clinton a name the purpose of the link was to highlight their ignorance and I can't see how on earth after reading this blog for one minute that you would think otherwise. I have frequently linked to foolishness on other blogs including that one who is fond of calling everyone the H-word. When Imus called Black women a name, we printed it. When tmz.com called Beyonce "Roboho" we printed it. if you have a problem, leave it in the comments. People need to see foolishness so NO I will not be taking down the link to Bossip. It is what they said and people need to know it.

If you don't take anything else away from the podcast, know that THIS IS OUR MOMENT! We are uniquely positioned at this moment to stand up and say what we want.

If you want to review the throw down we had a month ago regarding my response to the article called "Michelle Obama Urges Black Women to Vote for Her Husband", you can go here.