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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who keeps killing our babies? Where's the news on Chioma Gray?

By Deidra, WAOD Crime Contributor

Two mothers killed while holding their babies

Jordan Hunt (23 months), his mother, Gina Hunt (24), Charlii Yarrell (4 months), and her mother Andrea Yarrell, 24 were shot to death late last Monday. All died at the house where they lived except for Charlii who later died in the hospital. Both mothers were holding their child when they were killed.

Two handguns were found within a block of the house, where all four of those killed lived, said Sgt. Matthew Mount, a police spokesman.

"Whoever is responsible for this, we're going to track you down like dogs," Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson said. "We're not going to stop until we find you and put you in a cage where you belong."

Annie Boyd, the mother of Andrea Yarrell's boyfriend, told The Indianapolis Star that her son heard a gunshot while he was on the phone with Yarrell.

Gene Boyd, who is in the Indianapolis Men's Work Release Center on charges in a drug case, told his mother he heard someone break into the home.

"He heard the shot, then heard Gina holler out: 'Those are my babies!"' Annie Boyd said. "After that the phone went dead."

Gene Boyd then called his mother, who called 911.

A set of scales, several weapons, a safe and one pound of what is believed to be marijuana were found in the house, Talley-Sanders said. She said police had been called to the home three times in 2007 to investigate reports of armed robbery, burglary of a resident and a stolen vehicle.

"There's just a number of factors that have to be looked at," Mount said. "Because of the things that were found at the scene they are going to look at every possible motive.[Source]

Last Thursday, Jasper Frazier, 36 turned himself in to the police but said that even though he was at the scene, he did not pull the trigger.
"I ain't kill them kids, man," Frazier said, speaking from Toledo. "I'm not running. I'm turning myself in with my family. The people that killed the kids, they was going to kill me," he said.
Two other men, Zarumin Coleman (21) and Tommy Warren (24), were in custody Thursday night on unrelated warrants and were being questions in the deaths of the four victims. Frazier said that Coleman and two other men pulled him into a robbery that turned into a murder. He said he was in the house when another man fired the shots.
"Yeah, I was there, man," Frazier said, "and I asked the dude there, 'Why the (expletive) you kill those kids?' "
According to Mahada Frazier, who said she was Frazier’s sister, three men came to Jasper’s (Frazier) home and asked if he wanted to make quick money. Jasper then went along with them to the house where the four victims were. Mahada went on to say that Jasper then went inside with one man while Coleman and another man waited in a black sport utility vehicle.

The other man kicked the door, went in to find the woman and told them that they wanted the dope and the money. The woman said that they didn’t have anything and in response the man started shooting. (All this was told to Mahada by Jasper before he turned himself in [Source]

Update #1

Four Men Arrested In Killings of 2 kids, 2 women

Ronald Davis (pictured, top left), and Dontae Hobson (pictured, top right), both 30, were arrested on preliminary charges of murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in connection with the slayings in a house in the 3200 block of Hovey Street, police said at a news conference.

Jasper Frazier (pictured, bottom left), 36, and Zarumin Coleman, 21, also known as Corey Parker, were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit robbery. Frazier also was being held on a charge of attempted robbery, and Coleman was facing a charge of assisting a criminal, police said.

Hobson was arrested Saturday and the other three suspects were detained between Thursday and Friday, according to police. Authorities said information from the public helped them name the suspects and make the arrests.

More Here

More than 1300 mourn slain mother and child

The sight was jarring: a young mother lying in a coffin, holding her infant.

Stoicism turned to quiet tears or outright sobbing Monday as mourners filed past the bodies of Andrea Yarrell and her 5-month-old daughter, Charlii Simone Daye-Yarrell.

Mourners also filled the Yarrells’ service at Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church. The mood was more than sad; there was outrage.

“There’s just no excuse for something like this,” said Monica Cowans, a high school friend of Andrea Yarrell’s mother, Dana Davidson.

Sheriff Frank Anderson, whose Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has arrested four men in the case, received a standing ovation.

“I’m sick and tired” of violence, said Anderson, in a preacher’s voice. “I’ve had enough of this. We’ve had enough of this!

“When we start killing babies … enough is enough!”

Anderson went on to say that whoever committed the crime, “If they make it to heaven’s gate, they’ll see a ‘no vacancy’ sign.”

Police Chief Michael Spears said that “part of God’s plan is justice, and we’re committed to this justice.”

More Here

Update #2

What prosecutors say happened
What officials allege these men did in connection with the Hovey Street killings:

Jasper Frazier, 36: He accompanied Ronald Davis into the house in search of 50 pounds of marijuana and cash, officials say. Told police Davis shot the four victims using a Glock pistol, officials say.

Ronald Davis, 30: Claimed to have carried a 9 mm pistol into the house and told police Frazier shot the women, officials say. However, others said Davis carried the Glock used in the killings, and Frazier told police that Davis killed the victims, officials say.

Donte Hobson, 30: Rode in the SUV to the house and waited outside, officials say. Advised the two who entered the house to try a crowbar after they couldn’t break in on their first attempt, officials say.

Zarumin Coleman, 21: Told police he picked up Frazier, Hobson and Davis in a black SUV “rented” to him in exchange for drugs and drove them to the house, officials say. He remained in the vehicle, officials say.

Tommy Warren, 24: Agreed to rob the house with Coleman in a search for 50 pounds of marijuana and cash, but he did not participate in the robbery, officials say. He has not been charged in the case.
Source: Marion County prosecutor’s probable-cause affidavit

What’s next

The four men charged in the Hovey Street case are scheduled to appear at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday in Court 6.



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Update: Police Charge One Suspect in Kamya Weathersby Murder

Banks denied killing Kamya while being led out of Little Rock Police headquarters downtown into an awaiting squad car bound for the Pulaski County Detention Facility.
Goins asks: "Kevin Banks, did you shoot Kamya Weathersby?" Banks says: "No sir, I did not sir."
The family of Kamya does not believe him. Lashandria Washington, 26, Kamya's mother, says she believes he's responsible.
"I think he did it, he had something to do with it, that's what I'm hearing," Washington said Tuesday night. "I don't know him."

Word of Banks arrest spread quickly throughout the city. At Temple of Restoration church on Chicot Road, Reverend Benny Johnson was overseeing a Stop The Violence Youth Revival when he found out and informed the service.

"We have some good news. The Little Rock Police Department just caught one of the guys," Johnson said to an eruption of applause and cheering. "I'm glad this person is off the streets, he can't hurt anyone else. I understand there are more suspects out there so I'm hoping people will help get these other people off the streets."

For Washington, she wants the two other suspects caught that police are looking for in her daughter's murder.

"It's just a relief for me, makes me feel not 100% better, but a little better that someone has been caught," Washington says.


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Missing, Murdered and Found

Where's the news on Chioma Gray?

By Deidra, WAOD Crime Contributor

Have you heard of her? I don’t blame you. The news stations in California apparently never heard of her either because I don’t see one, not one article on this missing young lady and she has been missing for over a month.

For those of you who don’t know, Chioma Gray is a 15 year old black female who went missing from Ventura, California on December 13, 2007. She was abducted by Andrew Tafoya. He was issued a felony warrant for kidnapping the next day.

Below are pictures of Chioma and Andrew:

And guess what? Not only is there no news on Chioma, but the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website messed up her poster several times. The first time, they released an updated poster on Chioma without a picture of her abductor. They also misspelled the city she went missing from.(The city was spelled “Vetura” instead of “Ventura”)

Here’s the evidence

Then on Tuesday (Jan 22), they updated the poster again. They added the abductor picture back but changed his relationship to her. He is now a companion instead of abductor even though the poster states that there’s still a felony warrant out for his arrest. And they still didn’t spell the city name right! Yup, confusing I know.

”Updated” poster

So what’s really going on here? No news on Chioma, no Amber Alert issued and now her kidnapper is her friend?!

Just to make a few points:

Google news search:
Yahoo news search:
Google Blogs search:
138 Results to blogs and none linking back to local news

I've sent out some emails to the local news stations regarding this issue but still haven't received an answer. I'm sending out more emails after this post. This is very disappointing.