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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Democratic Debate Mania Descends on Austin

Only 200 members of the public were allowed to attend with the rest of the tickets going to elected officials. Needless to say Austinites were not happy about this development after the local media hyped the debate before they found out CNN was making it by invitation only. I guess the Texas Democratic Party realized what a public relaitions nightmare they had on their hands and they managed to get 100 tickets which they handed out via lottery system, over 40,000 people signed up. If you had $50, you could have paid to watch the debate at a local hotel with the TDP. Those tickets have already .

The Big Local Stories

Senator Kirk Watson
The biggest local story isn't what the candidates will say, but what the local state senator could not say on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Senator Kirk Watson couldn't name a single Obama legislative accomplishment. I mean not a one and Chris eviscerated him.

Who in the world decided to put Senator Kirk Watson on CNN last night as an Obama backer? He was totally unprepared, and hurt the Obama cause. He made the Black congresswoman from Ohio, who supports Hillary, look great. [hold your pearls!!!]While I like Senator Watson, he should know better than to get on the air unprepared. We need all the help we can get in order to win Texas. Burnt Orange Report

It has been on all of the local news broadcasts, talk radio, and the blogs.
He isn't nearly as inarticulate as Chris made him seem. I mean the media is having a field day.But Kirk Watson has taken it on the chin and has been in outwardly good humor about it. He put up a post on his website explaining what happened.

Hillary's Austin Headquarters Catches "Fire"
No, this is not a joke, her south Austin headquarters went up in smoke last night but perhaps what was most sad is her volunteers made sure to save a lot of the campaign signs and then they staged an impromptu rally for the local news with about 8 of them standing in front of the burning building chanting "Hillary is HOT! Hillary is HOT!" It was actually kind of pitiful to watch them chanting in front of the smoking building. It was NOT a good visual.

John McCain May have Possibly Almost Had an Affair Maybe
Talk about your non news news story. Is the New York Times serious? I click on the link about the BOMBSHELL McCain Sex Scandal and found an article with a bunch of innuendo and whispers, but the main thing I got from it was that whatever MAY have happened, his staffers and those around him made sure it didn't?? HUH? Maybe he did cheat on his second wife, the one he left the first wife who waited for him to be released from captivity. I can't tell from the NY Times Bombshell story whether he did or didn't and I kinda sorta don't care. What I really want to know is WHY the New York Times HELD THE STORY for so long? THAT should be the question. Call me when the NY Times releases 14,000 sexually explicit text messages.

What is it with some folks obsession with lynching and nooses?

Um can anybody tell me why Bill O'Reilly felt the need to announce that he wasn't going to "lynch" Michelle Obama? :
"I don't want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there's evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels"

Gee Thanks a lot Bill! We appreciate it.

My Tasks for Today
I'm on deadline for another publication today, but my goal is to get y'all some pictures from the debate site and maybe some video. I am sure to trip over somebody" famous" on campus.
I also want to to get one of those art deco Obama posters floating around. Not because I am a stan- I ain't, but because it is pretty and likely to be worth a bank in about 20 years when I sell it on Ebay(I better get two). I haven't seen any snazzy Hilary, McCain or Huckabee posters, but if I do, I'll try to grab one- with permission of course.