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Monday, February 25, 2008

Featured Activism: Saving Our Children News - Remember Rilya Wilson?

Did you know that 1/3 of the children that go missing in this country are Black children?? ONE out of THREE.

Another hat tip to Mz Deidra over at Black and Missing. She truly has a calling on her life because she is a crime blogger and she manages not to let the sad circumstances that she routinely covers drag her down.

Deidra passed along the launch of Saving Our Children TV. She featured them as her spotlight organization

The founder, Janice and her staff are so dedicated in what they do that they not only report on missing black children but they also take the time out to contact the families and make sure that they are doing whatever they can to find their child. Black and Missing
Saving Our Children just launched their own YouTube channel

Right out the gate, they featured Chioma Gray, but the really struck me was the story of Rilya Wilson. Y'all remember Rilya? Now if her name was Rilya Jon Benet Wilson, we'd still be seeing news pieces about her. They also include tips to teach and protect your children.

It takes a special calling to do what they do. Each of you can do something similar in your own community. It isn't about doing what someone else does, but finding something you feel passionate about and using what you have to do what you can. To learn more about "Saving Our Children" you can go to their website. They also have a podcast called Peas in a Pod. They also have a Myspace page.

Take a moment to give them a holla' and a word of encouragement. I thought I would be sad looking at the site, but actually, it is heartening that someone has dedicated their life to this. So if all you can give is encouragement then give that!