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Monday, February 25, 2008

Are You Going To Watch "A Raisin in The Sun" Tonight on ABC

As part of Black History Month , which by the way is almost over, ABC is airing A Raisin in the Sun tonight at 8:00PM EST. Of course all of the pre movie buzz is about Sean Combs, who we sometimes refer to as "the Johnny Appleseed of Sperm." But hey, it is getting press for the rest of the cast.

Set in 1950s Chicago, the drama centers on the Younger family, who anxiously await a $10,000 insurance check _ and the ensuing squabbles over how to spend it. Combs plays Walter Lee, a role made famous by Sidney Poitier.

Looking to assert his manhood and to use the money to finance his dreams of owning a business, Walter Lee finds himself at odds with his widowed mother, Lena (Rashad), his ambitious sister, Beneatha (Lathan) and long-suffering wife, Ruth (McDonald). Huffingtonpost.

Audra McDonald was on The View last night talking about the creative conflicts with Walt Disney and ABC about the use of the N-word ( Disney only let them use it once). Interesting how we'll let it be dropped right and left to talk about each other, but when it comes to reflecting its original meaning, folks get the jitters.

So are you going to watch?