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Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Open Thread- Nas and Kelis Sport N!@@er Gear

I didn't watch. I don't feel as if I missed a thing, but the Grammy Awards came on last night. Nas and his wife Kelis grabbed attention by wearing attire with the N-word emblazoned on the front and back. Kelis sported a snazzy bedazzled number (no really, it was bedazzled) with the N-word on the Black and her hubby wore a T-shirt with the word on the front. Watch their explanation oh yeah and watch as you see the Caucasian and Latino members of his group wearing the N word and Kelis chimes in that John Lennon had a song that said "Women are the N@^#@rs of the World." SMH. Also he spouts the ignorance about Black people losing the right to vote in 23 years. Yep excellent social commentary all around folks.

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Including salacious details of hand holding between Rihanna and Jay-Z. SHOCKING!