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Monday, February 11, 2008

WSJ Profile of Michelle Obama and Weekend Capaign Happenings- Dems Still Headed for Disaster

Man this weekend was a doozy!

The Wall Street Journal did an interesting profile on Michelle Obama. My meh-ness about her candidate spouse not withstanding, I have always been a Michelle Obama fan.

A young woman asked Mrs. Obama what her "First Lady platform" would be. "To make sure my kids have their heads on straight," Mrs. Obama said. "We can talk about the high-falutin' notion of a First Spouse platform, but here I am, a woman professional who has to work on top of my first job as a mother."

Taken aback, the young woman said, "I'm sorry."

Sensing that this recent college graduate hadn't experienced first-hand the same kind of work-family conflicts, Mrs. Obama grabbed her hand and softened her tone. "It's personal," said Mrs. Obama. Wall Street Journal

They had to get that one in didn't they. SMH. Barack made the March cover of Ebony.
Here is another Michelle video-"Meet Michelle"

Hillary Switches Campaign Managers
After getting CRUSHED by Barack Obama in every single election held this weekend, Hillary Clinton has changed campaign managers. She has selected Maggie Williams(happens to be African American) as her campaign manager. Maggie Williams, for those of you who remember the Clinton White House, was Hillary's chief-of-staff- She ran the East Wing and some would say the West as well. Before you go all "She picked her because she is Black", go over to the Dallas South Blog and read her resume. Maggie Williams is a true believer, but as with all people who were let in the Clinton inner circle, she has baggage.

Obama Dominates February- Can Hillary Survive until March?
Um in case you didn't notice, Obama has won every contest since Super Tuesday and there isn't another win in sight for Hillary until March 4th in Texas and Ohio. On Tuesday, Maryland, DC, and Virginia vote. Obama can go all the way based on money alone. Hillary will stay in and grind it out based on iron will alone. Where did she get 5 million dollars from? For the first time in a long time, voters from all over the country get a say in the nomination process. It is looking like this thing is going all the way to the convention.

Jefferson Jackson Dinner Speech

Democrats headed for Civil War?

Remember last week when I wrote about how disastrous it will be if the Democrats have to decide this thing at the convention (Will Barack Obama Pull a "Fannie Lou Hamer" Or Will He Take One for the Team?--Disaster Looms for Dems- The Tyranny of the SUPER DELEGATE). I don't care what Howard Dean says. So again, the Clintons are not going to back down. Will Obama? August is really close to November. Nine weeks. Will any wounds opened or deepened heal by early November?

Frank Rich doesn't think so and he discusses what he believes to be the Clinton's cold calculations about pitted African Americans against Hispanic voters and how it is now backfiring. He also appears to agree that a "brokered" convention will be nightmarish. I ain't a Frank rich fan, but it is an interesting article.

Reporter Suspended for Calling Chelsea Clinton a Whore
David Shuster decided that he would say that the Clintons are "pimping out" their daughter.

He's been suspended for two weeks. Um what is unseemly about a candidate's child campaigning? Now if Chelsea was a manchild, he never would have said that. It would have been, "the strapping young lad is taking up the family business how long until he launches his own political conquests and we have ourselves a honest to goodness dynasty?" On this one, I gotta give it to the Clintons for beating him about the head. Now if only Black women can get folks suspended for actually calling us "h@'s" on a daily basis. Urban radio would have to go silent.