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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Hillary Mocking Obama? Missed Opportunities and Turning the Obama Campaign into a "Cult"

She isn't alone MSM is starting to run with the narrative that the Obama phenomenon looks like a cult or something like what hit the nation during the Beatles craze. I saw a piece on Night Line that basically said as much. just do a Google news Search for "Obama cult" (Oh forget it, I did it for you). They are starting to refer to him as a messiah... and Obama's campaign, rightfully, is beginning to get alarmed:

Now critics are quietly voicing the fear that Mr Obama and his campaign have deliberately adopted the tone and tactics of an evangelical preacher, whipping up “Obamamania” at the expense of more serious discussion of policy and government. There is “something just a wee bit creepy about the mass messianism” deployed by the black senator and his supporters, observed Joe Klein,...

A senior Obama official, who would talk only on condition of anonymity, told The Sunday Telegraph that the campaign was worried that the cult charges would stick and harm their candidate. He acknowledged that Mr Obama generated wild enthusiasm and devotion among young fans - most of them voting for the first time - but insisted this was due to the senator’s “charisma and the political inspiration that informs his speeches.” The Sunday Telegraph

so Hillary is picking up on that riff. Hillary Clinton in a campaign appearance in Providence Rhode Island basically indicated that Barack Obama wanted to part the sky and wave a magic wand to solve problems. She is tapping into a common criticism of Barack Obama non-stans.

Now the folks over at Jack and Jill aren't pleased. I think that their reaction should be different, this could be a "Howard Dean Scream" moment. It will no doubt be a You tube Hit. But to answer their question. NO, she doesn't take him seriously. They think he is a light weight who came out of nowhere to steal her thunder.

You might want to read Obama Turns Hillary into Bill Richardson.
And, worst of all for Bill and Hill, the Dems found a new star – their first in 16 years. Look at it from Hillary's point of view: She'd expected to run against the likes of Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd – the usual mediocrities and misfits. Then Barack Obama came along, and did what the Clintons did in 1992 – saw his opportunity and seized it. All of a sudden, she's the Bill Richardson – worthy but dull, earthbound and joyless, lead weights round her ankles.

I had been thinking the same thing. Hillary could have run in 2004, but she did take her chance when she would have run against a group of men with little to no charisma and would have likely won the nomination. but she hesitated and she waited. But history is strewn with failed Presidential hopes because a candidate got in too early or too late. By not running in 2004, she too a huge risk that she would have another window of opportunity and the risk she ran was that someone would come along who could beat her. That person is Obama who did just the opposite of what she did.

Obama is in the same position she was in in 2004 IDENTICAL- partially through his first term as a Senator and instead of waiting and hoping that the window of opportunity would be open in four years, he took a chance and went for it. So She isn't just dealing with a string of ten defeats, but probably kicking herself for not taking her moment 4 years ago.

Sometimes when a window of opportunity opens, it is only open once and you either crawl through it or you miss your shot. He crawled through. She didn't she waited and that has GOT to be additional salt in th wound.

That being said. This thing ain't over until I hear a concession speech outta one of them.