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Monday, February 25, 2008

What is the State of the Black Union? Is there such a thing as" Hurricane Negro?"

Over the weekend, I put up a post about Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union, and right out of the block, the first comment was from our blogging god father, The Angry Independent He can be testy at times, but he never fails to get a reaction, The Angry Independent left a comment over the weekend that I think is worth some additional discussion.

"Yeah... it's a b@#h being Black, but I believe today, the source of most of the grief comes from within, particularly from the Black elite.... and not from "The Man", Jim Crow, or the KKK.

I'm sure they talked about Hurricane Katrina.... but I wonder when they will talk about Hurricane Negro"
The Angry Independent, Saturday, February 23,2008 in the post "Did You Miss the State of the Black Union"

So What is the State of the Black Union? Is there such a thing as Hurricane Negro? Should you evacuate or shelter in place and ride it out?

If you want to see video of the event, Jack and Jill Politics had some up if The Smiley Group hasn't yanked them yet:
After the fact, I realized that CSPAN is offering the entire morning and afternoon sessions in their entirety. So my cable or schedule impaired people, you can relive the majic.

Clip # 1 Baratunde clowns Tavis because of the huge sponsor logos behind his head.
Clip #2 Dick Gregory goes off on a riff asking about what they put in Malt Liquor- Dick Gregory cut up incluing a Kobe Bryant rape joke, reason number 13,245 why Barack Obama was MILES away from Chocolate City that weekend. Can you imagine the headlines.
Clip# 3 Shelia Jackson Lee... She DID say that she was FULL about three dozen times, Baratunde asks full of what.
Clips 4,5 6 - Al "MISSING IN ACTION" Sharpton makes some point about how he is going to get al gangsta' on the DNC if they seat Florida and Michigan... oh yeah, that's likely to help a brother out. Just what he needs Rev. Missing in Action marching in circles around the DNC.
Clip #7 Nicole Lee from Trans Africa- she was the only person i heard speak who I wante dto hear more from, but due to the format which is to get a bunch of Black folks who love to talk and give then 2 minutes to speak, we heard more Dick Gregory when we should have been hearing from this lady.

Blog Reactions to State of the Black Union
Melissa Harris Lacewell echoed some of my sentiments listening to these folks try to out do themselves. At times it was cringe worthy:

It was so sad as to be funny. Na’im Akbar admonished the audience not to be fooled by the “black face” of a candidate. Seriously, is an Africana Black Nationalist telling us that race doesn’t matter? Donna Brazille told the audience to “submit to the Covenant.” Ah…no. I am a democratic citizen who enters into the social contract as an equal decision maker, not a subject in monarchy who must submit to a covenant that has no structure of accountability. Reverend Sharpton has put his finger in the air since last year’s SOTBU and felt the Obama winds blowing. So he rocked the crowd with his impassioned defense of Barack’s candidacy. But even that felt comedic after last year’s critique. Melissaharrislacewell.com

The Conservative Republic Blog Hot Air is notable not for the post, but the comments are worth reading. You think the Clintons have irritated some of y'all. Wait till you read the comments thread over at Hot Air.