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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Search For "Black Love" in the Blogosphere--This should not be this hard

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Even those of you who begrudge having to expend scarce financial resources on a card, a heart shaped mylar balloon, and some grocery store carnations. Y'all know y'all love it too!

Love, of any variety, when it is right, isn't just beautiful, it is necessary. So yeah there are a bunch of horrible statistics and Black folks behaving badly towards each other, but it isn't foolish to pause for one day and acknowledge that there are millions who are are treating each other right. Treating each other well. They may be in dwindling numbers, but refusing to acknowledge that Black folks have and will continue to love each other isn't necessarily the way to stop the hemorrhaging.

As much as we bemoan the lack of "positive" images of black people, I wonder if we are creating a vicious cycle of trying to convince ourselves that we someone are incapable of loving each other. I had to hunt and dig for today's links wading through all of the "BLACK MEN AND WOMEN IN CRISIS" links. There are a ton of Valentine's day programs and discussions scheduled talking about how much we don't get along- I won't even post the "Black women with degrees are DOOMED DOOMED DOOMED!" links.

Its easy to be cynical. To cling to everything that is wrong to confirm your cynicism. It isn't DEEP or introspective to be cynical. It takes no courage to declare that it's over or non existent. it takes courage to hope and to believe that it is possible and even more to act on it. So to all of you who still hope and believe and ACT on it. Happy Valentine's day. Tomorrow we'll get back to pointing out all that is wrong in the world, and there's a lot, but there's nothing wrong with pausing to acknowledge what is right.
I wanted to add Mes Deux Cents "Love Then and Now" - Beautiful pictorial comparing African American couples today vs. in the past.

"Black Love Ain't Dead"- If you want an aaah moment on today, you can read this short story that was the result of a writing prompt over at From the Dawg House. The story doesn't go in the direction you think it will. AAAAH

"You are my Lady, Everything I need and More"- Square Rootz has a lovely interview with an African American man that has been married for over 40 years.

Hello Negro has some "Black Love" links up. They probably had the same difficulty I had wading through the internet to find stuff that wasn't talking about some dire predictions and discussions about the state of the relationships between Black men and Black women. I am beginning to wonder if we aren't creating some kind of self fulfilling prophecy. They include links to Zane and the Rundu calendar. I guess that is a form of "Love", but they also include a link to purchase "Two Centuries of African American Love Letters."

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