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Friday, February 29, 2008

This Election Finally Jumps the Shark- Stabbings, Death Threats, and Vandalism

Finally, last night we talked about super delegates on the podcast! Clarissa Goodlett, Membership and Outreach Director for Color of Change joined us for a discussion about Black political involvement.

She also answered questions about Color of Change's work with the Katrina recovery and callers also asked about the who Jena 6 Kerfluffle. Listen to the podcast.

This election has officially jumped the shark. We've officially lost our minds. Mainstream media has finally caught up with the extremes to which supporters of various candidates have been willing to go.

“African-American superdelegates are being targeted, harassed and threatened,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.), a superdelegate who has supported Clinton since August. Cleaver said black superdelegates are receiving “nasty letters, phone calls, threats they’ll get an opponent, being called an Uncle Tom. Politico.com

Mainstream media has finally caught up with the extremes to which supporters of various candidates have been willing to go. In addition to threatening their political futures, which I think is within the boundaries, you can't go against the wishes of 80% of your constituents and think you aren't going to face some trouble at the ballot box.

I however draw the line at making threats of physical violence. THATS why we have elections. Otherwise we should all just take to the streets and battle it out like we're in some war torn third world country. Democracy includes people voting in a way that you disagree with. The solution is to vote them out of office or become more organized politically or challenge them in the public sphere, not use the same tactics that propped up the Jim Crow south.

Speaking of the Jim Crow south, somebody vandalized the Obama campaign headquarters in Longview, TX after an appearance by Samuel L. Jackson. The Racists are evolving, in stead of scrawling the N-word, they spray painted the words "Racist" and "Racits" on the building and vans of an Obama supporter.

w, I can not take my vans out with my technicians and service the good people of Longview," said Towles.

Not only was the writing on the vans, but spray painted on the wall of the front part of the building.

The buildings owner, Eddie Towles says he feels the the racial remarks were directed towards him. "I am not a racist! I take this personally.

In addition to the vandalism and death threats, we had an actual stabbing. A Clinton supporter stabbed his brother in law for supporting Obama:
The Pennsylvania man allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach after the pair quarreled about their respective support of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The irony is that if he is convicted of a felony.... he won't be able to vote.

Its going to be a long hot summer.