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Friday, February 29, 2008

WAOD Mailbag: Plies "Bust it Baby"- And Miles to Go Before We Sleep

From the mail bag, someone sent me a casting call for a new minstreality television show "Bust it Baby". I saw this mentioned at other sites, but couldn't quite find words to describe this. Harriet Tubman would be so proud.

I'm writing to you because I came across a disturbing video on youtube yesterday. Plies casting special for Bust it Baby showcases black women doing anything to get on this reality show.
Oh my god. I stopped towards the end when the panalyst were asking about swinging, but then I decided to bite the bullet and continue on with the video. I nearly cried towards the end, especially when they were asking what looked like an intelligent black woman a slew of inane, and profane questions. It really did look as if they were like "dance monkeys dance for the camera!".

"Lemme ask you something how did you wake up with a penis in ya mouth?"-what the hell.

I haven't seen any of the 'Girls Gone Wild' videos, but I have seen the commercials for them and you are right in a sense that this is the same kind of stuff that white girls are doing in those clips. However if this is going to be a network reality show then I think it extremely over the top. Please someone tell me this(scene&show) is only going to be put out as a special dvd, or just tell me its a joke, I like that idea better. I mean this is essentially the black 'Girls Gone Wild' video being marketed as the black version of 'The Batchelor'. Dammit I can't stop shaking. Anyways to address this question "white people are allowed to be individuals, black folks are not. you dont think thats wack?"

Yes it is unfornuate that black people have a social burden, but that is a reality that some(Plies!!!) black people are not quite understanding. I hope so much that this is NOT black people being themselves because it is truly saddening. And to think they had a sista doing the interviews. I know money is tight right now, but some people need to know when to say NO to a job.
To the reader, you assume that people do everything for money. In a celebrity obsessed culture everybody wants to be a star and we've had more than an few posts about women doing anything for the attention of a man. I've gotten emails about a recent story where a woman let her boyfriend move back into the home after he impregnates her 10 year old daughter.-
this was after CPS said he had to stay away.

The baby's birth at University Hospital on Nov. 4 was routine.What wasn't routine was the fact that the infant's mother was just 10 at the time, impregnated by her mother's boyfriend.
Now, social workers are trying to figure out how to unravel the mess involving one of the youngest children ever to give birth in Greater Cincinnati.

The girl's mother was warned not to let any adult men in her Lockland home while caseworkers tried to track down the infant's father.Prosecutors say the girl's mother ignored that order, and when a caseworker made a surprise visit to her Lockland home Jan. 4, they found Chaffer.
Two other men were eliminated as the baby's father before Chaffer's DNA was tested. SOURCE

We like to believe that everybody has the same basic value system. While you may have proved impervious to the stereotypes that the culture has created, taught and reinforced, everybody wasn't. The real problem is that there is no counter culture. Not one that is as prominent and seductive as this one. Right now, if you want to go another way, you are out there on your own. We talk about out outrage and our value systems in private and on blogs, but they have no problem packaging their outrage and selling it to the world.

Who is going to come up with the reality show about Black women who go around to these casting calls shouting the foolishness down. Ain't no shame in their game because they can do this all out in the open with no recriminations. The people who are shaking their heads just aren't as bold in their outrage as this cast of characters is with their outrageousness.

Amazing how big corporate interests have been able to mainstream Black women volunteering to play roles we were once forced to play under threat of violence or death. Things aren't going to change because we're outraged. How many of you would have been willing to head down to the casting call with a bullhorn and some placards??? Who is breaking out the camera to do their own casting call for an alternative?

UPDATE: BlkseaGoat from Black Sapience has put up a reply to the "Bust it Baby" video on YouTube. This is a start.