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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Al Sharpton Wants Rapists and Torturers Roaming Your Neighborhood---NAACP and Sharpton Get Into It at Press Conference

“Nobody came for us,” the woman, 35, said in the interview with WPTV. “Nobody even called the police for us.”
Victim of the Dunbar Village gang rape. Describing her neighbors' response immediately following the attack. (SOURCE)

"Our kids are incarcerated, they can't even get a bond and it's unconscionable what is happening." Maude Ford Lee, president of the West Palm Beach Chapter of the NAACP

The injustice Maude is talking about is that the State of Florida has recognized that individuals charged with a horrific rape and torture who come from a community that ignores rapes and tortures while the are in progress and then does not work with law enforcement to capture the rapists and torturers are IN JAIL... WHERE THEY BELONG! I won't relay the horrors of the facts about Dunbar Village, you can read about them here.


Maude Ford Lee, president of the West Palm Beach chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said she hoped Sharpton's presence would help expose the "injustice."
Now I believe the official word from the NAAC(m)P - National Association for the Advancement of Colored people back in August , we asked them why they wouldn't speak out on Dunbar Village, they said that THEY DON'T ADDRESS BLACK ON BLACK CRIME... IT'S NOT PART OF THEIR MISSION!

So I guess their MISSION as it relates to Black on Black crime is to offer unconditional support to the Black criminal while the Black victims of crime aren't worth the trouble.

Um maybe your kids are incarcerated without bond because they are Amoral, without a conscience and an extreme danger to the community. Lets be clear. Al Sharpton and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people want the State of Florida to release violent torturers and rapists back into the community to hunt down you and your family members because some accused rapist in a completely different case in a completely different jurisdiction in front of a completely different judge got bond.

So What If the Accused Rapists and Torturers Go Free?
And let's say these juveniles do get free. In whose custody will they be released into? Hmmm? Will they be released into the custody of the parents that raised them to rape and torture people? Where will they stay? In Dunbar Village where they terrorized the residents the place where neighbors listen to their neighbors' scream for three hours while being tortured and sit back and do nothing?

Sharpton Stumps Out of the Press Conference in a Huff When NAACP Steps on His Toe

If you want to see what an absolute joke both the NAACP and the National Action Network are. Watch this video let it go to the end and you will see the petulance displayed by a fully grown man.

Sharpton abruptly left the press conference after local attorney Richard Keith Alan, upset that questions from reporters to Sharpton were centered on the election rather than Dunbar Village, interrupted Sharpton. Sun Sentinel
He would be embarrassed if he had any shame... we know he doesn't.

Folks, what we have here is what I like to call a "teachable moment." Now mind you, Al Sharpton had no problem issuing a statement on behalf of DOGS, without any fuss, but Black women and children, *crickets*(Maybe Black Women Should Be Pit Bulls in Our Next Life ---The Hypocrisy of Russell Simmons and Rev. Al).

If you disagree with Rev. Al and the National Association of (male) Colored People-Take Time to let People Know
If you disagree with Rev. Sharpton and the National Association for the Advancement of Male Colored People, please let the local media know that there are still Black people with commons ense who actually like to be protected from violent criminals. Also, you might discuss Rev. Sharpton's and the NAACP's previous silence in this case and point out their bufoonish behavior at the press conference today.

Michael Bender, who wrote the latest article, at mike_bender@pbpost.com

Kathleen Chapman, who has covered Dunbar. You can reach her at kchapman@pbpost.com

Frank Cerabino will be covering Al Sharpton today for the Palm Beach Post. You can reach him at fcerabino@pbpost.com

Nancy Othón can be reached at nothon@sun-sentinel.com or 561-228-5502

This is not shameful, it is insanity.

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