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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BLack Folks Get Ready to FIGHT! AL Sharpton to Speak Out in Defense of Dunbar Village Gang Rapist

You know how all these months we couldn't get anyone in the Black Elite Establishment or the Civil Rights Industrial Complex to speak out about the Dunbar Village gang rape? How we pointed out the sick mental illness of Black leaders who will speak out on behalf of criminals, but never on behalf of the victims of Black on Black crime? Well it has happened again! Now Al Sharpton couldn't be bothered to speak out about the RAPE, but apparently he has no problem speaking out on behalf of the alleged gang rapists!

In West Palm Beach, Sharpton also will condemn the "unfair" treatment of the suspects in the Dunbar Village assaults, said the Rev. William Richardson, the Florida director of the National Action Network.Richardson said Sharpton would compare the treatment of the Dunbar Village suspects, who are black, and the teenage suspects in the Boca Raton gang rape. Palm Beach Post
Guess what, nobody had to beg, plead or scream with him about it either. Just an FYI. I will address this later because I'm trying not to blog angry. Let's be clear Black women and concerned Black men, Sharpton is doing this on purpose to send a message. We hear you Reverend!!! I had recently been wondering if I had anything left to say after almost a year of blogging- I guess I was wrong. Thanks Rev. Al for the inspiration!

Essential Presence breaks it down.

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