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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!--- May the Killers of Dorothy Dixon, 29 , Rot in Jail and then Rot in Hell!!

It is Easter so you should not be reading this blog today. Let this be a lesson to you and me to unplug from the internet on the holidays because otherwise you are liable to read tragic posts like this one...

Dunbar Village, Megan Williams, you can now add Dorothy Dixon to the list. Dorothy Dixon a developmentally challenged Black woman died a barbaric death on January 31, 2008, but of course because her name isn't Chandra, Natalie or Lacey, it didn't make the wires... Black women dying aren't newsworthy haven't you heard.

Hayes watched the autopsy and found her injuries disturbing. X-rays revealed roughly 30 BBs lodged in her. Deep-tissue burns covered about one-third of her body -- her face, her chest, her arms and feet -- and left her severely dehydrated. Her face and body showed signs of prolonged abuse. Many of her wounds were infected. AOL
They used her body for target practice. I want to "thank" WAOD tboddy for the hat tip,I am implementing a new policy of not reading my email on holiday weekends. Go back and look at what was waiting in my inbox for Labor Day. If you want to question just how sick the world has become, you can go to AOL or CNN to read about how this poor Black woman, Dorothy Dixon lived and how she died. I hope that Dorothy Dixon found the peace she was denied in life in death...and where the heck were her family members?

In this case, her torturers were interracial, White women and Black men, including a 12 year old boy.
Dixon -- six months pregnant -- died after weeks of abuse. Police have charged two adults, three teenagers and a 12-year-old boy with murder in the case Cnn.com
May they rot in jail and then rot in Hell.