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Friday, March 7, 2008

"N!gger"- The Movie ... No seriously, there is a movie called N!GGER

Since we are talking about stereotypes, hat tip to Hustle Knockin for pointing out the following:

It's been the title of books, songs, lectures, blogs.... why not a movie? Hustle Knockin
Yes there is a movie called "Nigger." I can't tell what it is going to be about, whether it is social commentary or foolishness, however, the accompanying blog features segments from an entire YouTube channel called "Ask A N!gger" and yes it is as bad as it sounds.

The questions addressed so far have been
  • Why do *iggers like chicken?
  • Why do *iggers like White women?
  • Why do *iggers have big lips & Noses
  • Why are *iggers always late?
  • and Why don't *iggers go back to Africa?
If you are feeling depressed about the plight of Black folks, don't watch it. It will ruin your day. Just imagine the most ignorant words a Black person could ever utter and that about sums it up for you. No seriously, about that Canadian citizenship application. Where can I find one of those again? And miles to go before we sleep.... and miles to go.