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Friday, March 7, 2008

Have you seen these Children?

On last night's podcast, we spoke with the folks from Saving Our Children about the topic of missing African American children. One out of three missing children in this country are African American. During the show, we talked about a case out of Georgia where three children have been taken by their Father:
Agena Battle, Aliyah Battle, and Cedric Harringtonwere last seen on March 5, 2008. They may be in the company of Eddie Harrington. They may be traveling in a 2002 green Chevrolet Impala with the Indiana license plate 93-L4740. CAUTION ADVISED. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

These are not all of the missing children, but an example of one case and you can go to the site to look at some of the faces of other children. The statistics appear to bear out on the NCMEC website because if you go to their main page and look at their alerts for missing children, the majority are African American.

Black and Missing has a post up asking Are you still looking? Where she reminds people that there are people out there who are still looking for their children, mothers fathers, brothers, and sisters.

* A 15 year old abducted by a 20 year old sex felon.
* Four children from Alabama abducted by their non-custodial mother from their separate foster homes.
* Three children abducted by their father and is said to be in extreme danger.
This post is just to remind you that although some are found, there are still a LOT more missing and a LOT more that need our help. So make sure you guys keep reading and spreading the word about this blog - their loved ones are still waiting for us to find them!Black and Missing
Take some time today to head over to the site and see if you recognize any of the people listed.

I was struck this morning buy a segment of the Today show where they featured the story of a girl from South Carolina who survived an abduction.

She was white, they also lead with the stories of two White college students who had been murdered over the past week.
Eve Marie Carson, a 22-year-old senior from Athens, Ga., had been shot several times, including at least once in the head, police said Thursday. Authorities said they had no suspects and no arrests had been made. Associated Press

Lauren Burk, a freshman from suburban Atlanta, Georgia, was found shot on a road about five miles north of campus Tuesday night, Auburn University said in a statement. She later died at a hospital. Burk was found Tuesday night on a highway several miles from the Auburn University, where she was a freshman. Minutes later Burk's car was engulfed in flames on the University's campus. CNN

Tragic losses, but in light of last night's topic about missing and murdered Black children, I was struck by the fact that the news coverage isn't proportional with the statistics. For example I just learned about some more senseless murders in Memphis on the podcast last night. Four adults and two children were murdered plus several other children were seriously injured The two children who were killed were stabbed to death. :
Three youngsters found wounded but alive in a house where six other people were slain are under police protection, and not even their relatives can visit them in the hospital. AP
They are calling these the Lester Street murders.