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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lebron James to Mom: "Sit Yo @ss Down!"

Ms. James came roaring into the action in the second quarter when her son was wrapped up on a breakaway dunk attempt by Paul Pierce.

Kevin Garnett tried to calm her down, but it was LeBron who got the job done.

"I told her to sit down, in some language I shouldn't have used," James said. "Thank God today wasn't Mother's Day. All I could think about is her. ... I know my mother. It's fine, we're good."Huffington Post

I don't care. Game or no game. Life or death. I cannot imagine the circumstances under which I would yell at my Mama to do anything let alone to sit her @ss down. I am getting nervous just typing this story *Gina, looks over her shoulder to make sure Mama hasn't teleported behind her** Maybe if we were riding on a double decker bus approaching a bridge I might yell "Mama Watch Out! Get Down!" or maybe not. When we were in the Tsongas National Forrest and a mama bear and two cubs rolled up on Mama while she was snapping pictures of spawning salmon in a poem, all I could manage to get out was "Mama!" couldn't quite bring myself to yell "bear". BTW that stuff they say about not turning your back on a bear and running, that goes right out the window when they roll up on you.

Anyway, sure I got in a few "I hate you"'s as a teen along with the requisite "You just don't understand!" But there was a line even for the itinerant teen let along a fully grown human being. Mama didn't you actually wash my mouth out with soap as a child? I have a vague memory of that? All my childhood oppression runs together in my mind these days.

Anyway, what say you about a fully grown man who tells his Mama to sit her @ss down? Does it say something about how much Lebron respects his mother? What would your mother have done in that situation and would Lebron have been able to walk away under his own power when she got through with him?

How does he speak to his wife when they argue?