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Sunday, May 4, 2008

We're in the Washington Post Twice This Weekend: New Media Activists- Blogging While Brown

I am breaking my weekend blogging prohibition to give you an FYI. Since if folks didn't call to tell me, I wouldn't know. Sometimes you have a conversation with a reporter and then you forget about it and then five months later they write an article.

Another Article Psychoanalyzing BET
Another WAPO article trying to figure out why/whether BET is crap- is out and actually this time I think the reporter gets that they have no artistic vision, and their only pursuit is the love of money. She was subtle about it though, as subtle as you can be when trying to capture the essence of foolishness. I got a mention, but not quoted ( "Thank you Lord!"-I vaguely recall being on a riff on the day I spoke to the reporter I said something about BET being crack cocaine or being Viacom's red-headed stepchild, I forget, but I do remember thinking "WTH did you say that for?"). Has it been a year already? Not quite, but I am excited to see what amazing new offerings they have for their fall lineup this year. It's a blessing. It's a curse. Also, on the advertiser front, there has been some apparent movement regarding the advertising on those shows that were studied by the Parent's Television Council. You'll know more when I know more. So keep calling that 1800 number, they are listening. Stop Funding Foolishness!--- Its a beautiful thing.

Of note, Reggie Whatshisname and Aaron McGruder of the Boondocks were/are working on a project called "Birth of a Nation" that is suppose to chronicle what would happen if East St. Louis seceded from the union. Now THAT I would be interested in seeing, which is a guarantee that you will never see it on BET. BWAHAHA! Also of note, do people still use the word "haters"? I thought we retire that in '05.

Critics of Old Guard Take Black Activism Online
Darryl Fears wrote an article in the Washington Post that is basically about Color of Change, but he threw me in with the mix. African American Political Pundit gets quoted as well:

A growing cadre of young black activists is using the Internet in an attempt to eclipse traditional civil rights organizations such as the NAACP and hit the refresh button on the civil rights movement. Bloggers with names such as the Cruel Secretary, and blogs called What About Our Daughters? and the African American Political Pundit, have railed against groups in the "black-o-sphere," saying they do not understand young black Americans, are behind the times and react too slowly to incidents involving the younger generation. WAPO
Wow, I'm a young Black activist. Who knew? ( I seriously need to finish that book huh- I've actually written it... in my head.) I note frequently that COC and I don't agree on many issues, one of which I am gong to write about tomorrow *cough*Genarlow Wilson*cough*, but they have a well run operation.

Also, our favorite NAACP SpokesSheeple, Richard McInLiar, is quoted as well. He is whining as usual. If you actually want to hear Mr. McInLiar at his best/ worst, you can listen to his appearance on our podcast, the Black Women's Roundtable when we had him on to explain how the NAACP was not arguing for the release of some accused gang rapists when they were.

The best quote of the article by FAAAR has to go to AAPP, his real-o-sphere name is L.N. Rock:
L.N. Rock, who helped form Afrospear, a network of black bloggers, wrote in the African American Political Pundit that the NAACP has been missing in action on issues involving women and called its 65-member board "the board of the living dead." WAPO
BWHAHAH! Oh man, AAPP went there and he made sure he got in a shout out to the AfroSpear.

Blogging While Brown
Darryl Fears referred to Blogging While Brown as a conference for "nonwhite" bloggers. We have never described the conference in terms of who it wasn't for. Anybody is welcome to attend, but the focus of the conference is to bring together bloggers of color and their readers who typically don't attend some of the largest blogging conferences in large numbers to talk about issues that are of interest to us an uniquely affect us. There is a benefit to building personal networks and organizing for change and we can't afford to be caught behind the curve and play catch up. All are welcome... as long as you pay the registration fee *cough* hint *cough*

I am proud to say that our line up of presenters includes some ridiculously talented new media content creators. So people who continue to say they didn't know that there are bloggers of color out there don't really have an excuse. In fact, I am happy to announce that we have selected our first Blogging While Brown Keynote. The folks from Black Web 2.0 will be doing a workshop called "The Ultimate Blog Experience" they are going to tell us all how to with the latest technology, widgets, traffic drivers and graphic interface enhancements... in other words, how to make your blog look really really good, drive traffic and improve your reader experience- they are light years ahead of me, so I am looking forward to learning more. We also have some of your favorite bloggers who are also holding panels about everything from working with and handling the media ( I will soooo be in that one), the ins and outs of podcasting, and the concept of "Unity' within the blogosphere, and much more including a town hall- style meeting on the 2008 Election.

We will be announcing more details in the the next few weeks. Registration is open. here is the schedule

  • Friday, July 25, 2008- 6:00PM - 9:00PM - "Meet and Greet", Fox Sports Grill, Atlantic Station
  • Saturday, July 26, 2008 - Workshops and Panels, Georgia World Congress Center
  • Sunday, July 27th, 2008 11:30 AM - Brunch at the Sun Dial Restaurant atop the Westin Peachtree Plaza, The Sun Dial is a tri-level dining complex featuring a revolving upscale restaurant, a rotating cocktail lounge and an observatory View Level offering a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the magnificent Atlanta skyline.