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Thursday, May 1, 2008

MIchelle Obama on Pastor Wright: They Finally Let Her Out of That Undisclosed Location

They finally let Michelle Obama out from that undisclosed location after she said she was proud of her country and Bill O'Reiley said he would consider whether to lynch her or not. She spoke with CNN's Suzanne Malveaux, another sister, about Pastor Jeremiah Wright's Pre-Book Tour:

During several appearances this week, Wright seemed to suggest the U.S. government might be responsible for the spread of AIDS and said Obama had only distanced himself from the minister for political reasons.

"That wasn't the speech of a political opportunist," Michelle Obama said of her husband's widely praised speech on race relations, made when Wright's controversial sermons first came to light. "Barack has been trying to bridge gaps all his life."

She said it's time for the campaign to move forward from the controversy and return the focus to issues like the economy and health care.

"With all due respect, we're moving forward," she said. "Barack was so clear, and he's been so open about this issue, and he speaks for me as well." CNN.com

Watch the video. Y'all didn't think Obama was going to coast right into the White House did you? I've been telling some of the Obama acolytes in my Black blogger Google Group ( The AfroSpear) that they need to commence psychological counseling because if they think this is bad, its going to get a lot worse once the Democratic party ratifies that he is the official nominee. I have previously spoken about why it would be political suicide for the Democrats to hand the nomination to Hillary. Tis better to lose the White House to McCain for 4 years and to lose their rock solid Black voter base for a generation...or two.

So Michelle, it is good to see they let you out of that undisclosed location. We were beginning to wonder.