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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ashanti Pulls Gotchagram Promotion: Label Issues Statement

Ashanti has pulled her bloody Gotchagram promotion. As Sandra Rose predicted, despite the "controversy" she only sold 86,000 units and came in 6th place this week on Soundscan.

Here is the statement from her label.

Following discussions with Ashanti, we have jointly decided to remove the thewaytheiloveyou.com, the website that hosts the Gotchagram. Ashanti and her music have always been about self-empowerment and addressing the issues that are most meaningful to her. We stand by our artist and her creative choices.

Tracy Zamot
Senior Vice President Publicity, Universal Motown


Here is my advice. If you want to sell through the roof. Write an album about something else. Write about politics, the war, the economy. Write about the victims of Black on Black crime instead of glorifying the criminals. Everybody is cranking out the same pablum these days. IF you want to be controversial, do an entirely acoustic live album and play all the dag gum instruments yourself. Go wrestle Lauren Hill to the ground and ask her to give you some of her Miseducation of Lauren Hill Mojo. All the Best!

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