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Friday, June 13, 2008

Why I'm Not Writing About the R. Kelly Trial Circus

The R. Kelly case finally went to the jury after FIFTEEN THouSAND YEARS of delay, we will finally get a verdict in this case. I haven't written about the R. Kelly trial very much for the same reason you have never and will likely never read a post about the hurricane Katrina Recovery (lackof)Effort... because it makes my head hurt. The entire atmosphere around this trial has been circus-like as if R. Kelly isn't being accused of being a child molester.

Just how tawdry is this entire situation? Well MTV, a division of VIASLUM, is handicapping the verdict as if this case was a horse race. The victim (whether she acknowledges it or not) in this case has been identified by any number of Black bloggers and called any number of names. We learned that her own family basically sold her down river with her "aunt" literally handing this girl over to Kelly.

We've seen the articles on the idiotic Black women who staged a protest on Kelly's behalf. I will admit to feeling some glee when the judge threw a fully grown Black woman in jail for screaming "Free R. Kelly!" in the presence of the jury and then could not afford to make bail. I've ignored the testimony of Lisa Van Allen, a woman who admitted to having "relations" with both R. Kelly and a purported 13 or 14 year old girl and then preceded to testify that alleged underage victim, wasn't someone "you'd want your son bringing home to dinner." And how would you know Lisa?

I have watched in awe as the masterful defense that I KNEW Kelly HAD to have after successfully getting this trial delayed for FIFTEEN MILLION YEARS never materialized. After over a decade of trial delays, the best they could come up with was "somebody doctored this tape." Yeah right, somebody went frame by frame to insert R. Kelly's head into every frame at the perfectly exact angle. Right. Right. Why would they do that? If I had the ability to do that kind of video editing, I would be making millions in Hollywood or something. None of the cast of miscreants surrounding Kelly appear to have been that bright.

In the back of my mind, it is a real possibility that R. Kelly will walk. My friends have been telling me all the reasons why he is going to the clank, but in this celebrity obsessed culture, no celebrity is toast until they are safely ensconced behind bars. Even then, you end up with cases where they serve ridiculously short sentences... can you say Paris Hilton and even if R. Kelly went to jail, I can assure you, he would be releasing songs from behind bars.

So I have taken an R. Kelly Break in anticipation of the foolishness that will pop off once the verdict is read. In particular, we can anticipate the Black Elite Establishment's particular brand of foolishness where I predict a string of people coming out to say they are "Praying" for Robert or looking forward to working with him when he gets out. The same group of people who facilitated his behavior in the past.

So I'll wait until the verdict gets read. This tawdry affair is worse than being forced to read yet another batch or text messages from Detroit: A Love Story.

Y'all call me when this is finally over... because we all know that if that 14 yar old girl had not been African American, this trial would have been completed years ago. If he is found guilty, that would mean that the state let a predator roam around for years without prosecution.

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