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Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Deluded Rantings of ESSENCE.com Readers in Support of R. Kelly

Let me assure you that these deluded women prostrating themselves before the golden throne of R. Kelly would have been the first in line to chuck some stones at Mary Magdalene.
As you know, last Friday Allison Samuels of Newsweek wrote an article indicating that Black women all over the web were praising the R.Kelly verdict:

African-American blogs such as Young, Black and Fabulous, What About Our Daughters and Essence quickly filled up with letters from women exclaiming their joy over Kelly's freedom. Newsweek

Please read our open thread on the Chester's acquittal, I don't recall anybody "praising" that verdict over here. However, I did not quibble about it. Well NPR followed up with a blog post called "" Why Did So Many Black Women Support R. Kelly" They highlighted the petition written and signed by Black men. I previously posted about the petition on this blog. They also quoted this blog directly:

As Samuels points out, blogs like What About Our Daughters fielded a huge response from women following a jury's acquittal of Kelly on child pornography charges.

For her part, What About Our Daughters blogger Gina McCauley says:

"You bet things are beginning to change. Black women are giving up sacrificial lamb duty and we no longer have to rely on mainstream media and the Black Elite Establishment to have a voice."

What do you think?
We did get a huge response, but it was NOT supportive of Chester and I don't think the folks at NPR made that clear, but again, I let that slide too. But I did read your emails complaining.

So anyway, I happened to be over at ESSENCE.com again ( I know. I know) and I see that there is another story about the petition called "R. Kelly Rebuked" by Eboni Barnes. The story was about the petition written by Professor Cobb that we posted about least week on this blog. The petition apparently has about 1000 signatures.
The petition started by 19 black male writers was written by journalist Kevin Powell and William Jelani Cobb, an associate professor of history at Spelman College. The petition claims African-Americans have taken to the street when Black men are victims of injustice, but stay silent when Black women are abused. ESSENCE.com
So I said to myself "Let me see what these loons in the comments have written." As usual, they did not fail to disappoint. Sure the petition is not a panacea, but in a world where BLACK PEOPLE are more than willing to stay mum while Black women and girls are raped, tortured and killed, it was kind of refreshing to have Black men open up their mouths and SPEAK!!!! To acknowledge what happened.

Do you know that the comments on ESSENCE.com have the nerve to be trying to criticize these BLACK MEN for standing up for Black women?? Here is a sampling:

Let God be God...I'm sure if R Kelly was the guy on the video tape GOD will make him answer for it! ...Don't make R Kelly the 'oil crisis' of Black America...look in the mirror!


Once again...who are we to judge anyone? My question however is this...what ever happened to the word NO? I truly believe that it starts at home...if these young women started saying NO and realized that they are worth so much more than a video, a night or minute or hour of passion. We (women) are the one's that allow men to treat us any old way - Stand Up and say NO you will not treat me like that, you will not degrade me like that, YOU Will respect me. Not saying that we should be vigilantes, but asimple word works.

-Miss J in Maryland

We all talk about God when r kelly is concern but God is a forgiving God and he never condems anyone about anything instead of putting him down pray that he gets help with his problem.Make sure we educate our young woman about enjoying their childhood and spending time with their family and people around their ages and make sure you know where your children are at all times dont give them to the street or make them look to other people for care and support.If we all can do that it would really make a bigdifferent and teach

-Talk with children its important (dc)


Simply turn this and all disturbing issues over in the hands of our SAVIOR. And allow him to change it for HIS glory.

But we have to teach our daughters that they do not have to give themselves to define themselves!

-Anonymous [they didn't even get the quote right]

No I haven't sign the petition... 1 because I am a women and 2 becuase its ridiculous. Who are we to judge....I haven't seen the video. Don't want to see the video. But whatever the case is rather he is guilty or not he will have to answer to that. No petition or protest can equal the what God has in store.

For those of you who believe he is so guilty, what is it based upon. Is it from you seeing the video, if so that means you need to be prosecuted as well for viewing/buying child porn.

-Ms. Angie

This is a publicity stunt for some poor black mens group....If r-kelly is guilty then he has to deal with God and no petitions no one not buying his music can compare to what God has in store for him

-Only God can judge me

This sounds like a group of men who is jealous of someone fame and they are trying to get everyone else on the band wagon. . . .

-Gloria, Dallas, TX

Can anybody tell me why these Bible-quoting sisters are praising a man who's claim to fame is producing raunchy sex songs.? Where did the Apostles talk about "bumping and grinding?" In the Book of Raunch, Second Chapter, Verse 69?? Y'all telling on yourselves!

As far as what would Jesus do? The last time I checked, he didn't have a problem with turning over tables, casting out demons, asking folks why they were tripping, and stepping in to aid the most vulnerable in society as opposed to the rich and the powerful. But then again, maybe they read a different Bible. Nobody is condemning R. Kelly to Hell! Go back to that Christianity Correspondence School you got your bible learning from and demand a refund! Your Bible study teacher should have their credentials revoked.

Black women, heal thyselves ( is "thyselves" a word?) This is some disturbing mess right here. Not only do Black women appear to be willing to openly defend this man, but they are invoking the name of God to do it. Once again, these intellectually challenged individuals over on ANOTHER WEBSITE appear to be placing the responsibility on a 13 year-old girl as opposed to a fully grown man. Seriously, whenever I get through with whatever, I need to write a book.

Let me assure you that these deluded women prostrating themselves before the golden throne of R. Kelly would have been the first in line to chuck some stones at Mary Magdalene.

Please note, THESE ARE NOT WAOD readers. I don't want my readers to be lumped in AGAIN with these no-Bible-reading/understanding, celebrity-idol-worshiping, sacrificial-lamb- wannabees over THERE Whatever foolishness other folks tolerate in their comments section, we have never praised Chester on this blog. EVER!