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Sunday, June 22, 2008

MSNBC Contributor Wants Oprah Winfrey to Go Away

Don't we have this discussion about Oprah about once every five years or so where people ponder if this is the end of the Oprah empire? Well ever since she endorsed Barack Obama, there has been keen interest in whether that would spell DOOM, DOOM, DOOM for everything O.

MSNBC Contributor , Michael Ventre wrote an article,Enough’s enough: Oprah is oversaturated-Media magnate is on verge of ruining a good thing by being in everything

"It wasn’t the candidate she picked who’s the problem, even though she’s African-American, he’s African-American, and therefore such an endorsement — her first such public declaration — caused the racist goobers in our society to crawl out from various rocks and offer their ugly blather.

The issue is more about saturation. Oprah has her hands in just about everything these days, from publishing to reality shows to humanitarian efforts to spirituality. And she’s not a phony. She’s helped a lot of people and has had a colossal impact on the communications landscape." MSNBC

BTW, they are saying the same thing about Martha Stewart. Slate wrote an article called "Why Martha Stewart's Company is Doomed."