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Friday, June 13, 2008

Well, it isn't Quite "Flavor of Love": "The Art of Golddigging"

NO seriously, I know I have a LOT of affluent well- connected readers. Gimme a reality show. No, for real. Because clearly anybody and their grandmama that wants to degrade and dehumanize women of any race can get a reality show. I want to produce a reality show too! Again, the devillishment that is YouTube features yet another "reality" television show where the entertainment industry goes out and corrals the most morally bankrupt, deluded, tawdry women they can find and puts them on display to reinforce prevalent negative stereotypes.
Haven't we beaten the whole "Gold Diggger' storyline into the ground? Show me a reality show about Black women in a race around the world or something. A Black women's geography Bee. Black women in a sweet potato pie competition. Something. ANYTHING! Other than yet another display of women with no self esteem or self worth willing to prostitute themselves out to the first camera that pays attention to them. There is nothing REAL about Reality TV
...Hat Tip to WAOD Reader, John seen at Crunk and Disorderly

"I closed out my browser window at the 1:19 mark when I saw Warren Sapp drinking free champagne and sh*t. I hurt for my gender".Fresh, Crunk and Disorderly

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