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Friday, June 13, 2008

YouTube Is the Devil:"We Gon' Be Killin' These Black B*tches"

Hat tip to WAOD reader Latresa.

Welcome to another edition of "YouTube is the Devil." STRONG LANGUAGE AND PROFANITY WARNING!

As we all know, YouTube is teeming with videos demonstrating hatred and disdain for Black women. The irony is that most of the anti-BLack woman hatred spewed on YouTube comes from other Black people.

Wow, who knew "You're a Slut" while spewing profanity and quoting the Bible was an effective way to win an argument.

Listen to them say that when the time comes "We're gon' be Killin these Black B*tches!" "We'll be chopping th F*ck Out of them.". Yeah that's biblical.

Thanks Youtube!
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