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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Black Women, What's Our Political Agenda?

So the Democratic party is purportedly opening up their political platform making process to the American public. Apparently there will be meetings all over the country where ordinary folk will be able to bring their "issues" to the party and if you are lucky, they may take your issue all the way to the Platform. hmm hmm. You can find out more here. There will be meetings all over the country and you can type in your ZipCode to find one. As soon as I find one near me that is not at somebody's house, I will put the event on my calendar. But you can host a meeting with your friends.

I actually think Black bloggers ought to each encourage their readers to either go to a meeting or help develop issues to present. Maybe we can host one online? Its a thought! here is the agenda format. No reason why it couldn't be done on a conference call and Lord knows we like to write.

It may be a big monumental waste of time or with Black people all over the country pursuing the same agenda items, a few might make it on to the party platform. We've complained at length about issues disproportionately affecting Black women and girls being ignored here is a "chance' to be heard.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Green or Libertarian, I think you ought to attend:

From July 19 to July 27, everyday people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their own communities. From Atlanta, Georgia to Muncie, Indiana, from Bangor, Maine to Eugene, Oregon, Americans will meet to talk about what issues are most important to them and what should be at the heart of the Democratic platform for change.

The results of these Platform Meetings will be incorporated into the formal process that culminates in the adoption of the platform at the Democratic Convention in August. A few participants may even be invited to appear and testify at the National Hearing and at the Convention! LEARN MORE HERE.

So what are our "political issues" and do you plan on attending?

  • I know violence against Black women and girls pops to mind immediately.
  • For example inadequate funding for security in housing projects funded and overseen by HUD.
  • The disproportionate number of service women like Lavena Johnson having their rapes and murders classified as suicides.
  • The failure of federal law enforcement to pursue child pornography charges against men who film African American girls engaged in sex acts ( looking at YOU Genarlow and Kels).
  • Net neutrality.
  • Gas Prices
  • Bailing out large financial services companies who engaged foolishness and now want me and you to pay for their losses when they did not share in their massive profits.
What other issues stand out to you? We can't keep just voting over and over and not ask for something in return.

Look at the 2004 Platform

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