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Monday, July 7, 2008

I Won't Be Covering the Republican National Convention, But You Could Win an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO DENVER!!

As, y'all know, this blog is nonpartisan. We don't endorse and we don't hold racial loyalty litmus tests around here based on who you choose to vote for. Plus, I know I have a ton of readers from every political party or no party identification at all. Black women need to have a seat at the table no matter which party is in power. So, I applied for credentials to the Republican National Convention at the same time that I applied to the DNCC.

I'm sorry to all of my Republican readers who have been emailing me asking me to cover the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, but I was not granted credentials :(

Dear Special Press Credential Applicant:

Thank you for applying for credentials to cover the 2008 Republican National Convention. We appreciate your interest in covering this historic event.

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming interest in covering our convention, we are unable to accommodate your request for Special Press Credentials.

We hope you choose to follow our proceedings through other means, including our live-stream at www.GOPConvention2008.com.


Special Press Credentials Office

2008 Republican National Convention

I tried y'all. But alas, twas not meant to be . So don't email me about a lack of coverage, you can go to www.GOPConvention2008.com to watch the live stream, I know I will be. I am sure some other Black bloggers who don't run a website called Michelle Obama Watch will be there. BWAHAHAHA! I'll be sure to let you know who they are because for all the talk about protesters at the DNCC, the platform fight at the Republican National Convention is lining up to be off the chain.

But seriously, I am one of those people who will be watching the conventions on every night regardless. I'm a political junkie. Political conventions are like the Olympics for political junkies. Doesn't matter which party, we just enjoy watching the sport being played. This only happens once every four years and even if it is a large production of the political parties, it is still an important part of our political process and we should all know more than ever that elections have consequences.

With gas approaching $7 a gallon, the stock market looking as if it is about to head sub 10,000, foreclosures headed up and last I heard, one dollar was worth 2/3 of a Euro ( the last time I was in Europe I want to say 1 Euro was like $0.95), who we select to be our next president is a very important decision. So whatever your choice, let it be an informed and wise choice because I might have to break out a bicycle if gas prices go as high as is being predicted... and did I mention that we have not made it through hurricane season yet?

But on another note.... I'LL BE DENVER!!!! On the same day that the Republicans gave us "THE HAND, " the Democrats, announced that Barack Obama will be giving his acceptance speech at INVESCO Field in front of about 75,000 people. It is the first outdoor acceptance since JFK in 1960. The speech will be given on the 40th anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech and each and every one of you will have a ring side seat... hopefully, I haven't heard how this will affect press logistics, but wherever I am, YOU ARE!

If you want to enter a lottery to get inside of INVESCO Field, you can enter for $5. The Obama campaign will select 10 people who contribute at least $5 to the campaign between now and July 31, 2008. They are going to fly you and a guest to Denver AND you get to meet Barack Obama backstage.

At the Democratic National Convention next month, Barack will deliver his acceptance speech in front of 75,000 people at a free, open event in Denver, Colorado.

Make a donation of $5 or more between now and midnight on July 31st, and you could be one of 10 supporters chosen to meet Barack backstage and watch his acceptance speech in person.

Each of the 10 selected supporters can bring a guest, and will be flown to Denver to spend two days at the convention, culminating in Barack's speech on Thursday, August 28th. Barack Obama.com

Now that right there is a heck of a deal for $5. $2.50 per plane ticket. I am assuming they are throwing in hotel as well because hotel room rates are a MILE HIGH in the Mile High city and I got what is supposed to be a "deal" through the housing block. Let me know if one of y'all is chosen. I can be your "guest" and save a grip on airfare. Let them know WAOD sent you!

I am also happy to announce that we will be bringing a photographer with us to Denver as photography not one of my strong points. Keep hitting that PayPal button!

What About Our Daughters has received credentials to cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention. We are asking for your support in making sure that the voices, stories, and perspectives of African American women and girls are woven into the fabric of this historic event!Please consider donating by clicking our donate button in the sidebar.