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Monday, July 7, 2008

Sister Please!: Lauren London - Ignorance Personified

Continuing on our theme over the past few weeks of Black women behaving badly. Sorry folks, but the hits keep coming.

This time courtesy of Lauren London.

I love guys who are street. I won’t even give soft guys a chance. Menace II Society is my shit! Caine was like my first crush. Actually, O-Dog was my true dream guy. I was in love with him, from that opening scene where he pops the convenience-store worker. He had me from that gunshot [laughs]. He was ’hood, and I loved that. Sandra Rose
And miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go...So shooting someone in the head is attractive? You know that Caine dies at the end of the movie right? Ignorance Personified. So what is being produced to combat the likes of Lauren London? If Menace II Society is what she wants her mate to model himself after, which movies offer the other alternative?

So of course because demonizing Black women and blaming us for all that is wrong in the world is par for the course, somehow Ms. London's Ignorance has been imputed on all of us and we have been blamed for being witches and enchantresses who force Black men to break the law and commit murder. Who knew Black women had such power? I mean if we had mind control, surely we'd use it for something far more important.

As ticked off as I am at Lauren London spreading her ignorance with the masses, I do not accept the idiotic argument that Black women who love thugs drive men to engage in crime and violence as has been suggested by critics of Lauren London (Sgt. Willie Pete). Don't try to paint all Black women with the same brush because black men would be the first to howl at the moon if we tried to say that they were all like the characters in Menace II Society. All Black people, men and women ought to be rising up against the entertainment industrial complex. This tiny group of people in LA and New York get to dictate the narrow range of Black humanity that gets displayed to the world and the slice they choose to show got scrapped from the bottom of the barrel.

Ignorance knows no gender and Lauren London's is being used as a strawwoman to unlease a flurry of Black woman hatred over at Satan's Playground, YouTube:

What happens if a black man like myself
1. Have a job
2. Have 3 college degrees and working towards a PH.D
3. Have no kids
4. Have a nice car
5. have his own place
5. have a vision for his future
answer 0% chance in attracting a black woman! conqueror2001

I would not be surprise if the figures show 80% of black women single in the nxt 10 years. The African American female mentality is f#@ked up, ever from since Slavery, black women do not value the greatness of good EDUCATED black men, if they did, why is the black community so fucked up? Yet they are the Rock the foundation. So if they dating thugs and call educated black men losers, so what the f#@k is she? a princes a Queen right? Type in @ss shakin on youtube, tell me how many Queens you see. NYTHUG11226

That's why i don't even f#@k with black women anymore. Damn near every black female I come in contact with has that same damn mindset. I know all you are going to hate but this man is speaking the truth. Get a white girl like Tiger Woods or 75% of the n#@gas in the NFL.iramaj

Yep. YouTube is still the Devil.