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Monday, July 14, 2008

Who is Going to Blogging While Brown? Late Registration Ends Today

Okay stragglers, today is the end of late registration for Blogging While Brown. Blogging While Brown is the first international conference for bloggers of color. It will take place in Atlanta, GA, July 25-27, 2008. To register for the conference go to the conference website www.bloggingwhilebrown.com

Four Political Forums Added
We have added four speakers. The Green Party, Libertarian Party, Republican Party, Democratic Party and Ralph Nader were invited to have a speaker address what is at stake in 2008 for people of color and how is the internet changing electoral politics. The Greens, Libs, and Republicans took us up on our offer. They will each be speaking for 7 to 10 minutes followed by a 15 minute question and answer session from the conference attendees.

This week we will be announcing the conference sponsors. If you or your organization are interested in being a conference sponsor, you can contact the Sponsorship Coordinator, Kevin, to see what opportunities remain available. The program book goes to print on Wednesday so time is running out.

Here is a copy of Saturday's Workshop Schedule
Here is a copy of the workshop and town hall descriptions
Here is a copy of the overall conference schedule
Here are the biographies of the conference workshop presenters.

We have several folks that aren't blog readers, but are frequent commentators who will be attending as well. The following list of blogs will be represented:

The Following Blogs Will Be Represented At the Conference